Trick Hamster by Electronic Arts

734382_screenshotTrick Hamster

for Java  and Symbian

Limited Free Trial

Fluffy the Hamster escaped from his cage and is out to travel the world. Can you help him?

It’s a dangerous world out there even for the world’s greatest superheroes. It is even more dangerous for a little, poor, defenseless hamster.

But wait! Fluffy has you to help him navigate the deadly chasms and canyons by building bridges for him. You have to be quick and nimble as there’s no telling what Fluffy will face! Feed him as you go to get cool upgrades!

Trick Hamster is a great game for kids and adults who like to test their hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

Electronic Arts is known for making great games. The limited free trial period lets you try before you buy – making it safe for your pocket book, too.

Free Download with Limited Time Trial

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