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Sometimes, paying $2.99 for all the coffee you can drink is simply not enough and paying $4.98 for twice as much coffee as you can drink is a really good deal! Now, if you are having difficulty keeping your coffee hot, a few drops of habenero sauce will keep your coffee hot all day long. Okay… Today presents some opportunities that you might take a look at relative to where you are in the Global Mobile Market.

SingTel Accelerator – Singapore – September 6 through October 20, 2014 –  is sponsoring a three-staged contest with a top prize worth $10,000 to fast track your app to market. There are a few opportunities in this program worth looking at if you have what it takes to compete.

Ncell  Mobile App Development Competition – Nepal/International – Register your team and idea by October 28, 2014.  Competition is open for four thematic categories:  Agriculture, Education, Tourism and Corporate solutions.  Ncell App Camp offers an opportunity to win cash prizes; essentially with a motive to support you to set up your own start-up firm.

Prizes include: cash reward of Rs. 250,000 net of tax to each category winner. Likewise, one overall winner will receive an additional Rs. 500,000 net of tax in cash plus an opportunity to participate in an overseas App Camp in 2015.

[Category winners – Rs. (rupee) equivalent of about US$4.2k; Overall winner – about $8.5 k]

Winning teams with complete product will receive awards in full at the closing ceremony on Dec 11. Winning teams with working prototypes will receive Rs. 100,000 at the closing ceremony and remaining prizes on completion of their app, as they pitched. Deadline for completing app is Jan 31, 2015.

500 Startups Accelerator – Programs are available in Mountain View, San Francisco and Mexico City.  This App Developer Incubator graduates 100 new companies per year with 4x three month classes.   Companies selected can receive up to $75,000 (net) worth of investments for a 7% revenue share.  As an incubator of mobile developer companies, you get comprehensive instruction and guidance on how to run an actual business.


There are other opportunities available, but these are the best three that I’ve found in the immediate future that do not require you to be enrolled in a specific college.  I’ll post more as I find some good ones.

There are numerous app incubator programs.  They all have their criteria to meet and funding is not automatic.  Nevertheless, if you are aiming to make a career out from your mobile apps – incubators are among the best ways to accelerate your way into having a solid start-up foundation spanning the overall operation of a company.

If you know of other programs or would like to talk about your own experience with a start-up, please let me know!

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