Target Market

How well do you REALLY know your target market?

It is up to you to know your target market. The following can all play an important part in the success of your app:

  • How many people might be interested in your business or app
  • Languages you need to be able to do business in
  • Device and platform distribution of your customers
  • Product lifespan and life-cycle within your target market
  • Advertising costs, effectiveness and reach of ad networks
  • Customer’s purchasing power and income distribution
  • Credit card and alternative payment system availability
  • Social, religious and political issues/imagery to avoid
  • Size and number of competing companies and applications in the market.

Overwhelmed?  There’s a lot of ground to cover here, and it goes well beyond the scope of this article. You likely know the answers to many of these questions.

Trying to maintain the same price regardless of regional market is likely not optimal. For paid and freemium apps involving paid upgrades, taking into consideration matters like income distribution and purchasing power parity can be profitable (i.e. aim for volume).

Each ad network is unique when you are aiming for market reach and penetration. Just because networks may service the same regions does not mean they are reaching the same people. Testing across a variety of ad networks can help you get the numbers you need. Think in terms of points of presence – all the people who live in a certain city don’t take the same roads to work, equally they don’t visit all of the same sites and stores.

Platforms and devices – almost everyone with older mobile devices will at some point upgrade to a new device. This can be part of a longer-term marketing strategy to generate customer loyalty while they have older devices so they automatically want to get your apps when they upgrade.

Western businesses take it for granted that everyone has a credit card. Not so, credit card use in many countries is sub-25%. Having and advertising that you accept multiple forms of payment is a way of pulling in customers frustrated with other apps because they don’t have a credit card. Restaurants and websites alike advertise which credit cards they accept to pull in customers who may not be carrying cash.

These issues and many, many more should be factored into your marketing research and marketing plans.


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