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Xsolla — Billing + Payments designed for publishing games globallyOur partners Xsolla had a nice chat with representatives of Opera Mobile Store — one of the biggest independent app stores in the world. Opera Mobile Store manager Viacheslav Shybaiev and Mobile Store Front at Opera Mediaworks sales director Sandra Ilyina shared their insights on the advantages of advertising in alternative stores and shared some insights of the successful app-promotion through Opera Mobile Store.

What does Opera Mobile Store do and what platforms does this store support?

Sandra Ilyina, Sales Director, Mobile Store Front at Opera Mediaworks

Sandra Ilyina, Sales Director, Mobile Store Front at Opera Mediaworks

Sandra Ilyina: Opera Mobile Store is a cross-platform mobile store distributing apps and games for J2ME, Symbian, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. It also offers access to online mobile games for the above mentioned OS. For app developers the Opera Mobile Store is an effective distribution platform and one of the marketing channels of Opera Mediaworks, the world’s leading mobile advertising platform.

What are the main sources of profit for Opera Mobile Store?

Viacheslav Shybaiev: Last year, we experimented with different distribution models for paid content — one-time purchases, day-passes, and subscriptions. Today, we distribute paid content by subscription — which has proven a very effective model. Of course, advertising is a much stronger source of monetization.  more