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Today, we get a special treat – a look into a new Top Secret Project that has Victor Shaburov at the helm. Word of his project, was leaked by CNet on Friday. Shortly afterwards, I received an unexpected call from Victor to “run with the story”.  If you follow us on Facebook, you may already be expecting this.

Victor, as you may know, founded Handster.com which went on to become Opera Mobile Store. He concluded his contract with Opera in April, he had a new start-up, Looksery, waiting for him. (Check out our interview with Victor, you will see he is not new to start-ups.)

The old argument of “Picture or it didn’t happen” is very 20th Century.  Just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it is not there. Likewise, just because we do see something, doesn’t mean it really is there.  What we are about to look at has the potential to fundamentally alter our perceptions of reality.


Looksery is an app that enables mobile users to adjust, enhance and transform your appearance in video chat, photographs and more. Rather than describe how it works, let’s show you:

Impressive? I’d say so, especially considering Victor’s team is still working on their first release.   Real-time special effects – to make you look better, mesmerize your friends with that cool cascading eye-glow, get rid of blemishes faster than oxypads, or give conspiracy theorists a scare with the shocking ‘alien shark morph’.

Imagine this technology a few years down the road!

It sounds like Looksery will be made available on a freemium model with some special effects available as in app purchases for $1 or $2 each. According to CNet, Looksery will also be running a Kickstarter project to raise additional funding.

Victor promised that Looksery will be available on Opera Mobile Store first  (!!!) – one day ahead of its availability on Google Play.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more – what it can do and when it will be available.


clickberryVideoSnaps is a free Android app by Clickberry that simplifies making your videos more interactive, engaging and effective.  Videosnaps can help your videos to generate 10 times as many likes and shares as regular vidoes posted to Facebook and other social media platforms.  Users are describing it as “a combination of Vine and SnapChat!”

emoji1Clickberry adds distinction to your videos by:

  • Immediately showing the most important person, object, or moment in your video
  • Allowing you to feature multiple friends or objects with tags
  • Easily add emoji, comments and Facebook likes directly into your videos
  • Convenient sharing of videos on Facebook, Twitter and by email
  • Simplifying curating and organizing of videos

Getting the most out of your videos has never been this simple.  A picture is worth a thousand words.   One picture can include many people or objects, say nothing of just a 10 second video clip.

Everyone’s on the move, so making your videos short and sweet by immediately showing your visitors the most important parts is important.  With multiple tags in a video, you also provide viewers the opportunity to like more than just one thing – that is an exceptional viral mechanism.


Clickberry simplifies adding extra context to videos without requiring a lot of or… really any technical skills beyond the very basics.

To use Clickberry, you just tap your screen to select the featured object, person or moment in a video.  Its interface enables you to add your comments, emoji and Facebook Likes directly into the video.

In addition to your regular day to day social sharing, several advanced uses of VideoSnaps come to mind —

  1. A top ten product list with links to each featured product (possibly using your Amazon.com affiliate account)
  2. Marketing tests – see which of several new logos, product names or covers gets the most Likes.
  3. A high school or family reunion – where you can have a link to each person’s Facebook page.
  4. Video documentaries – use links as footnotes to detailed information (wikipedia, infographics, articles, news stories).

It is an obvious grand slam for social media, but its functionality extends well beyond the social arena and into areas of education, interactive research, DIY instructions, marketing, chronological projects, etc.

You can get your own copy of Clickberry’s VideoSnaps on Opera Mobile Store – now, 100% free and without in-app advertising.

Clickberry also offers professional video editing products so you may also want to check out their web site, too.   You will also find Clickberry on Facebook – make sure to stop by and give them a like and share this app with your video-making friends!