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Opera Mobile Store’s subscription service for premium apps was detailed last week.  Today, I’d like to provide developers some useful ideas on how to capitalize upon the program further – focusing on social networking.

The subscription service is itself promoted by participating mobile carriers to their paid subscribers.   On top of that, we are aggressively engaged in bringing on more mobile carriers though the roll-out on each takes longer than signing agreements.  There’s the set up and testing of the service for each carrier, plus the carrier’s own marketing timeline.  With these efforts, we are also engaged in improving the real KPI’s on subscription conversion and retention.

That’s some of what we are doing.  For many developers, the program is extremely low maintenance, no real effort is required once your app is added to the service.  But, there are developers who want to know what they can do, easily and cost-effectively, to improve their revenue and get more from the program.

Once you are in the subscription service, you are free to promote that fact.

Social Networking – So, what is the easiest and most cost-effective way of promoting your app on a subscription service?   Obviously, this requires getting specific to the end-user’s country, language and mobile carrier.  My bet would be on Facebook, Twitter and probably a few country specific social networking sites (for Russian-speaking countries, that would likely be something like VKontacte).

This is where it really helps if you have already developed your social networking efforts so that you have several hundred, if not several thousand, on your Friend lists.   That can help a lot, but it is not essential — this is the perfect opportunity to begin developing your social networking program.

Very simply, you make a Tweet or post stating the fact using @’s and #’s to help designate your topic and audience.  This would look something like,

“Yo gamers!  Premium #CoolGame for #Android is now available on #MTS #Ukraine subscription store… Plz Retweet!”

Okay, first you will want to get away from my retro-hipster style.  Personalize your messaging while fitting it to your audience.  Odds are you will want to research the best # hash tags and come up with a few versions — one for existing subscribers of the service and perhaps one promoting subscriptions to the service.  Point of fact is that in many cases, the cost of the subscription will be lower than the cost of your app.  The most important component, however, is messaging in the appropriate language.

Now, if you don’t have a large social network already, then you need to either go about developing one or rely upon a few kind souls with large networks to help you.  Obviously, it is best if those kind souls have networks corresponding to your audience.  This is a matter of researching who else has been using those # hashtags and sending them a private message asking for their help by tweeting your post – to include the “please retweet”.

The same processes and principles apply for other social networks aside from Twitter.  Pick up some social management tools that help you schedule your posts.   Functionally, you can have all of your social networking activity completed in an hour or less each week.  Make sure to respond to anyone else who messages you in response to your posts.

All of that’s free aside from your time, and it should not take a lot of time.  The more you do it, the easier and faster it becomes.   The more you do it, the larger your social network may become, making it almost like compounded interest.   It is advisable to mix up your posts so that they are not always promoting you — but helping to promote everyone who has helped you, and even new contacts, too.  Doing retweets for others helps a lot when asking for retweets “occasionally”.

I will wrap up with that for today and cover my second tip on Friday.