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Orborun is an easy to play, hard to master arcade game with touch and tilt play options where you control a robot (the Orbot) that curls up into a ball as it tries to escape iNsaNe mazes.

To get you rolling, Orborun starts you out with five tutorials to acquaint you with steering, items to bowl through to score points, speed boosts and obstacles to avoid like red glass windows which take away points.  Each level sends you speeding down a one lane highway suspended high in the air – without rail guards, so if you fall – well, it’s “GAME OVER!”  Restart is just a click away, and you don’t need to put in another quarter.Completing each tutorial level is easy, but getting a good score – that takes some practice.

You get scored on each level, first with points and then by performance by “star rating” – from one to three.   This is the sort of game where you likely want to run through the tutorial a few times until you are consistently getting 3 stars.  After the tutorial, you jump into Haste World  – grouped into three tiers of 5 levels each.  If you get a perfect score in each tier, you unlock an extra bonus level.   These also start out pretty easy, but with each new level you can visually see additional complexity  – points closer to the edges, more ramps, in-air points, more precarious turns.

orborun2In total, there are about 100 levels in the game.   As you score points, you unlock different Orbots – in different colors and with different abilities like “Jumpy Orbot” making it easier to jump over gaps and obstacles.  You may need some of these upgraded orbots to actually get your perfect scores – for the bonus unlocks.

As you roll ahead, your hand-eye coordination will be put to serious tests as you contend with ramps, gates, swtiches, loops, and crazier challenges.  For a first hand view, check out Indie Explorer’s YouTube video showing in-depth game play on Orborun to let you see first hand if this is a game you can get into.

In app purchases required?  No.  Once you have the game, you have everything needed to play, all of the cosmetic and in-game upgrades are purchased by your in-game points.

Whether you are looking for something casual to play or some hard core arcade action, Orborun is a very good game guaranteed to test your skills and reflexes.  It has great replay value and is just $1.99 on Opera Mobile Store.

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