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There’s a new version of Opera for Android, and it’s ready for you to download free now!

Tap and swipe to manage your tabs
With the new Opera for Android, managing your tabs is only a tap away. Now, you can close tabs with a simple gesture – from the tab manager, just swipe up tabs you don’t need. Made a mistake and closed a tab you weren’t supposed to? Don’t worry – now you can also reopen recently-closed tabs by pressing the menu button in the tab UI.


(click for expanded view)

As you can see in the screenshots above, the menu is at the bottom of the screen. This is more convenient when you use the phone with one hand and is something you can configure yourself by going into settings and set App layout to Classic.

Remember that with Opera for Android, you can choose how your browser looks:


Resume your downloads
Now, it’s possible to do proper resuming when a download fails or being paused. Have you had problems with downloading large files? We’ve now fixed a recent issue so big downloads no longer fail when using Off-Road mode.

Browse faster by swiping
In this new Opera for Android, you also get a better-looking and better-working overview mode in the Discover feature. We’ve made your Discover experience breezier. After clicking a Discover article, you can just swipe to the right to move on to the next article in that story category.

Security fix
One mobile-specific security issue was fixed in this release. In some cases, Opera could end up showing the wrong URL in the address bar, which would allow spoofing. This issue has now been fixed, and we would like to thank moonflow for reporting the issue to us.

Once you’ve taken the new Opera on your Android phone for a spin, join the discussion and let us know what you think! Download it now for free from Opera Mobile Store.
If you don’t have Google Play on your device, you can download an apk file here.


Opera’s State of Mobile Web report shows
how Americans browse on their phones, and when

While living patterns that don’t differ greatly from day to day — especially during the work week — how Americans use their mobile devices does vary depending on the day of week. On Wednesdays, for instance, more Americans visit sports sites on their phones than any other day of the week, even compared to Saturday and Sunday.

Key trends noted in the report:

  • Shopping and real estate sites are most popular midweek, while fashion, games, religion & spirituality, hobbies, and arts & entertainment sites are busiest on the weekends.
  • In some cases, traffic (measured by number of unique visitors) and engagement (measured by number of page views) are not always in sync. Mobile sites in the Food & Drink, Family & Parenting, Business, and Health & Fitness categories see high levels of traffic on one day but hit their engagement peak on another.
  • Americans are spending their mornings (6–10 a.m.) in “lean forward” activities like Shopping, Social Networking and Research in categories like Automotive and Travel. Their afternoons (2–6 p.m.) are spent more in “lean back” activities like checking Business and News sites and browsing Fashion, Education, and Arts & Entertainment content.
  • Many Americans are using the late night and early morning hours (10 p.m. — 2 a.m.) to plan their futures: visits to career and personal finance sites peak during this period.

Mobile use by day of week

Below is a representation of where we see the most traffic to the different internet site categories over the course of a week. For example, more people visit sports sites on Wednesday than any other day of the week.

Mobile use by day of week in the US


It is worth noting that some site categories have relatively even use across the week. Shopping and real estate orien- ted sites see an even distribution of users Tuesday through Thursday. Similarly, Fashion, Games, Religion & Spirituality, Hobbies, and Arts & Entertainment sites see most of their visitors on the weekend. Personal finance sites see an even workweek with low usage over the weekend.

Also of interest is the fact that we found some differences between the day sites see their highest number of unique users and when they experience the greatest number of page views. In some cases, there might be a surge of visitors to a category, but the quantity of pages viewed is low, indicating relatively low engagement levels. Or, conversely, some sites see days where total visitors are lower than average, but pages viewed are very high, which means those visitors are more engaged with the site content.

Mobile use by time of day

Below is a representation of where we see the most traffic to the different internet site categories over the course of a 24-hour period. For example, most people visit Sports sites in the morning hours (6-10 a.m.) than any other time period of the day.

Mobile use by time of day in the US

User base growth

In August 2013, the consumer base of the Opera Mini, Opera for Android and Mobile Classic browsers had more than 264 million unique users globally — showing a 26% increase in users year over year. In all, 36% of them are browsing the web with smartphones.

Opera Mini users viewed more than 176 billion pages and generated over 3–7 billion MB of data worldwide. Data in the Opera Mini browser is compressed to as little as 10% of its original size. If this data were uncompressed, Opera Mini users would have viewed over 15 petabytes of data.