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Announcement –  a new Opera Mediaworks!    AdMarvel, Mobile Theory, 4th Screen Advertising, Ltd., Opera Response, Opera Mobile Store (Handster) and Hunt Mobile Ads are now a unified end-to-end platform aligned as Opera Mediaworks.

What does that mean?  Previously, each of these six business units were substantial contenders in the global mobile advertising market  in their own right.  Each of these businesses were acquired by Opera over the past few years and largely (but not entirely) functioned as they did before.   Now they have the Power of One:

  • The industry’s leading mobile ad server and rich media tools.
  • The world’s largest brand-focused mobile ad network: in the US, UK and now Latin America.
  • A powerhouse response mobile ad network for direct response.
  • Exclusive publisher-direct relationships
  • 65 billion ad impressions per month
  • 500 million monthly unique consumers
  • More than 14,000 mobile sites and apps

Opera Mediaworks now powers 17 of the top 25 media companies in the world, and serves the world’s largest advertisers including Coca-Cola, Unilever, Kraft, and Chase.

You will find this article on VentureBeat even more enlightening.  Essentially, CEO Mahi de Silva’s note captures enormous meaning, succinctly, “We’ve built an end-to-end platform to improve efficiency … including unifying the salesforce so one salesperson can can deliver the entire value proposition.”

The entire value proposition – what is that?   That is Opera Mediaworks and its technology enabling advertisers, agencies, ad networks, DSPs (demand-side platforms), rich-media and video providers, SSPs (supply-side platforms) and publishers to target customers by:

  1. geographic location
  2. phone
  3. OS
  4. browser
  5. day-part
  6. mobile carrier
  7. cellular/wi-fi
  8. keywords
  9. demographics
  10. contextual
  11. behavioral and psychographic
  12. Twitter usage
  13. the weather

Where Mobile Advertising is concerned, Opera Mediaworks has achieved a sort of “Singularity” – in an ironically Ray Kurzweilian sort of way.    I’m not referring to singularity in an artificial intelligence context, but in the context of delivering highly targeted content of virtually any type to anyone, anywhere through one platform coupled with such a massive feedback loop.

Combine this with Nokia pre-installing Opera Mini on its Nokia X mobile devices to reach new people in new markets.  We really have a lot to think about moving forward.