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I’m looking for one volunteer for an informal marketing project. Candidates need to meet a few basic requirements:

  • Are you a mobile developer with at least one app available through Opera Mobile Store?
  • Are you willing to talk about your current marketing efforts, even if none?
  • Would you be willing to share the results the results from this project?

Any information shared will be kept between you, me and Opera Mobile Store. I am looking for one developer with a worthy app “now”, but anticipate needing three developers over the next few months. The first developer will be selected May 26, 2014, from all who express an interest. You will be notified of your acceptance for this project, either way.

The Mobile App Marketing Audit and Incubation Project

This is intended as a completely informal effort on my part on a free, no-commission basis, to apply the advice from this blog to your app. The project consists of two phases likely to run over 60 days with a brief follow-up after 90 and 180 days. The first phase involves an “audit” of all of your current marketing activities, comparing everything that you are doing with everything that you could do. Are you advertising? Where? What stores are you on? Do you have a web site? How actively do you network? What kind of results are you getting and what kind of results are you expecting? These and more will be examined.

The second phase is purely optional on a line item basis, and entails my helping you (for free) with implementing items detailed above. Consider this part consultation, part training, part design or content development and/or networking. I have a heavy orientation to bootstrapping, which aims to keep costs to near-zero. However, if one of the recommendations you like is to set up a web site, that you don’t have already, then you will take on the cost of doing so.

My interest is to see how these things impact your core objectives – whether based upon revenue, number of end-users, or other objectives you may have.

I won’t be trying to sell you anything. That’s a promise.

Much of this involves getting to see better the specific challenges developers have in all aspects of marketing, not just advertising.

If this sounds of interest to you, please contact me (Mark) via our contact form. Please include the URL of your app on Opera Mobile Store, best method of contacting you (Email, phone, skype) and what time zone you are in.

I look forward to hearing from you!


From the outside looking in, the whole mobile app business can be confusing and leaves a lot of non-mobile oriented businesses out of the loop.  Here, we will focus on bringing small business owners and other decision makers up to speed on the possibilities mobile apps offer for growing your business.   For the most part, it is relevant for the full spectrum of small business, from restaurants to legal services.

Where nearly every product or service you offer has a price tag, a majority of mobile apps do not.  Most mobile apps are available for free and make money through in-app purchases and/or advertising.   The special point to observe is that almost every dollar generated by a mobile app from any revenue source accrues first to breaking even on development costs, and thereafter to its profitability.   Many retailers purchase products at 40 -80% of their sale price, may incur shipping & handling charges, alongside other overhead expenses.  You have a higher threshold to meet before your sales begins applying to your bottom line.

The second point to be aware of is that many independent developers are not breaking even on their development costs, but also a majority of developers are not very active in marketing their products.   These points often go hand in hand.

Mobile advertising reaches more people dollar for dollar than virtually any other advertising method.   Where your business may not be suited to having an app of its own, you might think, Why bother?   This involves consideration of how your business reaches and attracts new customers – the effectiveness of your current marketing and advertising activities.   This likely involves determining your target audience and selecting advertising venues capable of reaching it.

This is where the primary question comes in for you and your business,

Are there any apps or app developers out there trying to reach the same audience as you are?”  Would you be willing to explore doing business with them?

This could take any number of forms.  It could apply to helping finance or sponsoring an app or paying to run a coupon promotion through an app.   The less your business requires customers to be local to you (i.e. an online store, subscription service, etc.) the better this can work for you.  For more geo-centric business models, you may have to look at developers engaged in community-centric products.  There are plenty of those out there.

Another component of this model involves expanding it to include several businesses related to the nature of a given app.  In example, a strategy game might be useful in promoting a hobby store, a paint gun park, a similarly oriented book, ebook or movie, or even a web site.   Suddenly, you can find your business developing networking relationships and promotional opportunities with multiple non-competing businesses.

The cost of advertising is the same regardless how many companies or products end up getting promoted by it.  Within the mobile advertising market, it is most likely to be a mobile app that is the primary beneficiary of the advertisement.  Once an app is downloaded and installed, each party participating with in-app promotions is reaching a customer in their target market.   This also adds value to the app and increases the potential for it to be used more.

Take some time and talk to some local mobile app developers.