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Combine a rugged mountain climber and an expert crossbowman living in the Swiss Alps and you get William Tell. This mobile app is about the Legend of William Tell, a prominent patriot in Swiss history whose accomplishments helped spark an uprising against the famed Habsburg Empire. It’s an incredible story and it is (mostly) all true!

edelweissIn this Swiss App, you get to play William Tell along a long-winding series of more than two dozen adventures across the Swiss Alps. This means you will be taking in beautifully rendered comic-style scenery while dashing along your quest avoiding the Habsburg guards. While running along, you also get to partake in a lot of authentic Swiss activities – like collecting Edelweiss, eating Swiss Cheese to replenish energy, and eating Swiss Chocolate to make you run faster.

You have a simple set of controls:

  • Left Arrow and Right Arrows to move left and right,
  • an Up Arrow to jump,
  • and a crosshair button to shoot your crossbow.

Avoiding the guards is easy enough starting out.  If you want, you can just jump over them. Or, you can make use of your crossbow. You can jump on other things, too – sheep, barrels, cows, Shooting hidden apples gives you a bonus. Eventually, you will fight tougher creatures – wolves and bears.  Each adventure builds on the last in things to do and level of difficulty.


Every adventure is timed and scored, so you will find ample replay value if you like beating your old scores.

Sound effects are funny. They’re good. Starry-sounds, schwing sounds, bling sounds, and a yodel. Jumping on the heads of the Habsburg guards also makes a funny noise. Like all sound effects, the amusement will wear off after a while, but the fact that they are amusing and not a nuisance deserves kudos.

Each adventure fits in as part of the real Legend of William Tell. The cut scenes between adventures are short, entertaining and educational. No history of Europe would be complete without looking at the Habsburg Empire and I think you will find the story intriguing enough that you will examine the history a bit more.

The Legend of William Tell  is a premium app in the Opera Mobile Store for $2.49 and well worth it for the ease of play and entertainment it will bring you.  It is produced by Pixcube and Moby Dick Games, both Swiss mobile development and gaming companies.