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What are your desired outcomes? Whether a customer receives your email, lands on a page of your site, sees or uses your application, what do you want them to do? A desired outcome is essential for just about everything you do. Your objective is to make it easy for customers to select and complete anything you determine to be priority outcomes.

The following are all desirable outcomes:

  • Buy a product, service or subscription
  • register for a free account, sign up for a newsletter
  • complete a survey, provide feedback
  • get a review, a Facebook Share, a tweet, etc.

Obviously, some outcomes are better and more desirable than others. The first point to be made is that everything you do – every web page you create, every icon on your app – should be associated with a desired outcome. Secondly, once set up, you want to track performance and wherever possible, do what you can to improve it. This may mean creating two versions of the same page (A/B tests), doing multivariate testing if you have a higher volume of traffic, or simply making small incremental changes to see what works best.

Right off the bat, for app developers it is known that many users may download an app, use it once and never use it again. While much relates to the overall quality of the app and pre-download marketing, you have two immediate objectives. One is to get as much information about the customer in their first use (registration, survey, etc.). The second is to give customers reason to use your app again… and again.

Apps that use in-game currency make this easier. Handing out a bit of “free paid stuff” has worked for a lot of online games – from the likes of Ebony and Travian, to DDO and Conan. DDO in particular dramatically increased its revenues after transitioning from a paid subscription program to free to play. There are hundreds of other games out there like this, they are successful models and it is worth considering them in your future mobile games.

Gamers and non-gamers like “unlocks” – things they get when they accomplish something. When they start up your app today, let them know what they will unlock by using the app tomorrow.

For tools and utilities, app designers will need to be creative – perhaps making arrangements with popular online stores to offer coupons, access to industry specific white papers, free (exclusive) trial accounts with relevant online services.

Engage with other companies with products and services of interest to your customers. From cross-promotion opportunities to potential reseller agreements – the more you can offer items of interest to those who use your app, the more likely you are to be successful. As with all things, test everything, strive to improve your metrics. It’s not easy, but it is an essential part of profitability.