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santaChristmas is only 149 days away! That’s a good thing because it gives you time to plan and prepare your 2014 Holiday Marketing Plan! The excitement!   Beginning preparations now will help you take advantage of the busiest shopping season of the year.

According to MarketingLand.com, Mobile accounted for 29% of holiday e-commerce orders in 2013, roughly a 50% increase over 2012.  This year will likely see more mobile devices given as gifts than any year, yet. Developing markets are benefiting from more full-feature mobile devices being available for under $129.

Will you have a new app ready by Christmas? Many companies time their product releases to coincide with the holiday season knowing it can get extra exposure. If you can have your app ready by the end of November, you will still be able to jump into the marketing frenzy. But Christmas can also be a good time to bring rejuvenate an older app, by placing it on sale, bundling it with a new release, or offering special incentives, such as discounted in-game currency.

As mobile sales are real time and do not involve shipping, you can take orders all the way up to the last minute… and even after.

Here are a few things that you can do to prepare:

  • Don’t concentrate solely on Christmas – there’s Thanksgiving in the United States, Hanukkah, New Year’s, the Winter Solstice, the Dongzhi Festival to celebrate Winter, Yule, among dozens of other holidays recognized far and wide. Then, there’s Festivus for the rest of us. There’s Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, too.   Decide on the dates you want to focus on.
  • Themes. Knowing which dates you want to focus on and the nature of the holiday will go a long way in helping you decide upon a promotional theme. That provides your artists time to come up with ideas versus throwing together some cheap clip-art at the last moment.
  • Define Seasonal Events to boost social media engagement. It might be that you run a “12 Days of Christmas” give away, or run a GPS Easter Egg type of event. You can have a series of posts prepared well in-advance of your events.
  • Defining your events well ahead of time gives you plenty of time to promote them and your new release with public relations. These events provide you the opportunity to reach out to your local newspaper, television or radio stations, local and niche bloggers to publicize your event s to their audience.

All of these things take time to prepare and get set up, and even more time to promote. Plus, you have your own family to think about. The more you can get out of the way in advance, the more you will enjoy your holiday season and the more likely it is that it will be more profitable than if you waited until the last minute, or pulled a Scrooge!