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In business, a rainmaker is a person who brings in new business and wins new accounts almost by magic… 

Yesterday, we announced a new partnership between Forbes Digital Commerce™ and Opera Software™. This partnership stands to help developers on Opera Mobile Store better monetize their applications via in-app purchasing using the Forbes Digital Commerce platform. Today, we look at how it works and what it provides for mobile app developers.

Before we get to that, let’s jump back to 1996 – when the Internet was beginning to emerge like we know it today, but with smaller graphics and the extreme difficulty of actually monetizing any web site. Then… along came Paypal, and presto!  Web sites that weren’t monetized before starting making money. Yesterday, mobile apps were kind of in the same place – hard to monetize, limited means of monetizing them, and difficult to find an all-inclusive payment processor.  Today, is different.

In many regards, Forbes Digital Commerce helps solve many of the difficulties with monetizing apps that Paypal did for web sites.

1.  Diverse, International Payment Methods. The most important and hardest part of monetizing anything mobile is the ability for end-users to buy what you are offering. Forbes Digital Commerce supports credit and debit cards, Paypal and mobile operator billing across 80 countries.

Forbes Digital Commerce also partners with MasterCard, one of the Big Three credit card companies . MasterCard is itself working diligently to expand mobile carrier-credit card payment compatibility across all developing markets. In the not too distant future, compatibility is also expected with Molpoints and Alipay (China’s leading third party online payment solution).

2.  Supports Multiple Business Models. The Forbes Digital Commerce platform is comprehensive providing for virtual catalog management, subscriptions, and multiple checkout methods. It also supports bar code payments, near field communication (NFC), contactless and virtual cards, and more.

3.  One API.  More is not always better. Forbes Digital Commerce comes in one API for all of your in-app purchasing requirements.

4. Security and Stability – The system is build upon the award winning PCI Compliant Level 1 Lotaris platform. (Read more about PCI).

It also makes use of MasterCard’s MasterPass™ in-app payments, which among other things eliminates the for customers to store payment card credentials across numerous mobile apps. On top of this, purchases are supported in both online and offline modes.

5. Profitability – Forbes Digital Commerce is offering a 90-day trial where developers will be able to keep 100% of the revenues generated through their apps. Thereafter, developers using the complete in-app purchasing service retain 85% of their revenues.

It enables you to easily set up the payment support for an in-app catalog to sell products – real and virtual – from magazine subscriptions and epic mounts to new mobile devices and app upgrades to unlock premium features. Go through previous posts and you will find many, many more ideas to include developing reseller agreements with local businesses, selling tickets to local events, etc.

The greatest barrier to making money on mobile apps, especially for developing markets, has been the pay wall – being able to accept payments in a format that the end-user is able to offer. In consequence, this has limited many, many developers to trying to monetize their apps almost entirely through advertising.  Forbes Digital Commerce  opens doors to potentially far better sources of revenue while diversifying the kinds of apps that are capable of generating revenue.

There’s more to Forbes Digital Commerce, suffice that my intention is to whet your appetite to explore this payment platform deeper.

Forbes Digital Commerce™ and Opera Software™ have announced a new partnership to enable Android app developers on the Opera Mobile Store to monetize their application through in-app purchasing using the Forbes Digital Commerce platform.

This partnership is an evolution of the original alliance that Opera formed with Lotaris SA in the fall of 2013, which will see a closer collaboration between Forbes Digital Commerce (a company managed by Lotaris) and Opera. This partnership jointly promotes the combined offering, which provides a more seamless experience to Android developers on the Opera Mobile Store.

The Forbes Digital Commerce platform offers a comprehensive monetization solution for Android developers who support a wide range of business models and payment methods, virtual item catalogue management, multiple checkout methods and a Merchant of Record service. Forbes Digital Commerce manages the entire user transaction on behalf of the developers.

The platform provides a store independent checkout service that includes one in-app purchasing API for developers to use to provide more convenience to publish on multiple app stores.

“Opera Mobile Store is actually one of the largest app stores globally, with a very strong user base in some of the most compelling and fastest growing mobile markets, particularly in emerging markets. We are very pleased to take the relationship to the next level with the powerful Forbes brand behind us. Our closer collaboration will mean a better on-boarding and service management experience for those developers who would like to monetize on the Opera Mobile Store through in-app payments. We look forward to growing this relationship with Opera Software through further projects” said Robert Tibbs, Forbes Digital Commerce Founder and CEO.

“This partnership between Opera and Forbes Digital Commerce delivers exceptional cost effectiveness with enhanced convenience, flexibility and performance to developers” says Victor Shaburov, Vice President of Storefront Services at Opera Software.

Operating on a revenue share basis, developers using the complete in-app purchasing service would be able to keep 85% of their revenues. This partnership between Opera and Forbes Digital Commerce delivers exceptional cost effectiveness yet with enhanced convenience, flexibility and performance to developers.   As part of this partnership, Forbes Digital Commerce will offer a 90-day trial of the product where developers will be able to keep 100% of the revenues generated through their apps.

For more information, please visit www.forbes-digital.com

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Forbes Digital Commerce (a Lotaris company) is reinventing and improving the efficiency and user experience of B2B and B2C payments across multiple industry sectors worldwide. With its cloud-based entitlement management and commerce platform, Forbes Digital Commerce builds and deploys smarter solutions to the highest standards of security, aimed at providing opportunities to build relationships with customers and increase transaction volumes.

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Opera products enable more than 350 million internet consumers worldwide to discover and connect with the content and services that matter most to them, no matter what device, network or location. In turn, we help advertisers reach the audiences that build value for their businesses. Opera also delivers products and services to more than 120 mobile operators around the world, enabling them to provide a faster, more economical and better network experience to their subscribers.

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