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One complaint frequently heard by mobile app developers is that their apps don’t get as many downloads on stores outside of Google Play and the App Store. At the same time, a majority of developers engage in little to no marketing, so their placement on Google Play and the App Store aims only for the low hanging fruit. To some extent this is understandable. To press further requires some understanding not just of marketing, but logistics – and with logistics, extra administrative efforts. So, let’s jump in.

When a store has hundreds of thousands of products – what product is it going to promote? Getting a top placement in various app store charts is not easy – it either requires an inherently popular app with a high volume of downloads, paying for the position, or comes through developing a relationship with the store. Stores promote what is advantageous to them. This is the case whether we are talking about Google Play, Amazon or Walmart.

If you are seeking special treatment from a store, it is worth working out arrangements that are interesting for the store. It’s a two way street. But we aren’t really talking about the store… we are talking about your app. However it is sliced, it is the developer’s responsibility to do their best to market their app. This is especially the case for free and freemium apps.