Rally — A Pefect Crowdfunding Example

Today affords a perfect opportunity to showcase a completely independent crowdfunding project by the “Rally Team” — who, by my assessment, is doing everything right.   It’s perfect for a number of reasons, especially as it involves the development of a Mobile App for Social Networking.   I’m just going to go straight down the line at everything I looked at in reaching my conclusion to run with their project as an example.

First, the crowdfunding project can be found at fundable.com/rally.  The first thing that caught my eye is their Funding Target — $5,000 and that as of this writing, they are at $4,870 toward reaching that with 3 days left.  Five thousand is realistic and attainable, anyone familiar with the costs of development knows that this is a reasonably conservative figure to aim at.  It also shows that they’ve been working to meet their goal.  By writing me, they demonstrated that they are active and organized in developing good social networking and crowdfunding leads.   They’re close to meeting their objective and will probably get that last $130 “anyway” – but they’ve invested a lot of effort into their project and want to make absolutely sure they hit their target.  It’s an all or nothing affair.

For now, Rally focuses mainly on social networking in Philadelphia (USA).  I suspect if they meet early success, they will expand well beyond Pennsylvania.  But, again – we’ve focused heavily on “app localization” on this blog — that sometimes, the way to go big is to focus on going local, first.

On their Rally page, the first thing they show is a professional and personable video that explains what their mobile app is and how it works:

Rally – A Social Network That Rewards Real Life Connections

They give a good reason for why they want to develop their application — to solve a problem that other social networks are not adequately meeting.   With this are a number of screenshots showing how easy it will be to use Rally on a mobile device.   Other pictures show it being applied.   Functionally, everything is relevant, good – professional quality, there is a purpose for everything on their project page.  They also have their own web site – JoinTheRally –  to collect information from people who might be interested in getting their app later.  They’re building their mailing list.

Pledges & Prizes – This is what really matters most to the people who will be pledging their financial support.  They have a great range of options starting out for $5.00 to have your name on their web site plus a Rally wristband.   They build upon each pledge and prize level – adding Rally-branded apparel and what equates to Rally “in app currency”.  The top pledge is $100 — where you get featured on their site, the wrist band, a t-shirt, a beanie, and the amount of your pledge for use in future Rallies.

Simple speaking, they are leveraging their funding through a combination of virtual goods (always good to do) with tangible products.   But, with all crowdfunding projects — it is important to have low, median and high-end pledge and prize tiers.

The Team – Also important for everyone who might pledge is letting people know about your team – that real people are behind it and responsible for delivering it.   Michael Cunningham, Bobby Mort, Nick Saponaro, Pat D’Ambrosio and Bryan Lemster are all up front and center in their involvement with Rally.   Their level of organization  is commendable as when I approached them about running an article on them, they had one already prepared.   Editors love that – big time.

But what do I like MOST about their app and project?   They do one more thing with their app that I’ve discussed at some length previously — their app is a means of connecting with local businesses and in turn connecting them with people.  Not a novel idea where mobile apps or social networking is concerned — but one that shows that there are other options than relying upon 3rd party advertising through your app as a primary revenue stream.

So, if you’ve been looking at possibly doing a crowdfunding project — Rally is a really good project to emulate.   They have a great idea for an app, too — maybe it’s something you might support just to expand your internet footprint.

What’s an Internet Footprint…?  We’ll get into that, probably Friday.


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