Press Kits for Developers

Dollar for dollar, a good press kit is your best tool for publicity. A press kit qualifies as a strategic tool and how you use it requires some finesse.

What is a press kit? In quick summary, it is a presentation for people in the media that helps them run a story about you. This presentation captures all of the key facts about what you are doing – it answers the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of something newsworthy.  Beyond this, the goal is a compelling story that engages readers.

Press kits are covered in great detail by many web sites – it’s not our purpose here to reinvent the wheel.  Two points deserve emphasis:

  1. Make it professional, snappy – a unique reflection of you and your efforts.
  2. Focus upon electronic copy and online venues first if you are on a budget.

What you might not find discussed elsewhere is press kit customization.  Just as you should engage to personalize your emails, so also do you want to customize your press kit to each venue.   While you want all of your information to be consistent, you might want to emphasize specific parts of your story to certain venues.   Some venues will be interested in the human side of your business and app development.  Other venues will be interested in what your app does – for business, travel or entertainment.

If you’ve done your research, you will have a good idea of the type of stories a specific publisher likes to run, even what kinds of stories individual editors, journalists and bloggers like.

You might make your press release publicly available for download on your site or set it up behind a form so you capture names and email addresses.  Getting contact information is recommended.  Whatever your choice, have this or instructions to get your press kit set up on your contact page.

Newsworthy Stories. Place yourself in the shoes of a journalist or blogger, someone who gets a lot of email, someone tired of the same old press releases. Is your story honestly going to stand out enough for them to run your story? That’s the difference between your story being seen by potentially hundreds of thousands of people or being tragically deleted.

Research and Targeting. When it comes to sending your press kit out, do your research to get it into the right hands. A business news editor is usually not interested in new game releases.

The Show Must Go On! Getting your story published is just the beginning. Let your media contacts know they can source questions through you if needed. If you come across important breaking stories, keep them in the loop. If you develop your media relations right, your future press releases will get more and better air time.


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