Playing Games and Making Friends

The internet has made it incredibly easy to find other gamers interested in games of any type. If you are a little on the shy side, this article is for you – to help you find players who like the kind of games you want to play.

Social interaction adds dimension to games of any sort. Even online, it can lead to meeting people and forming friendships.  There are stories of people who met through an online game and went on to get married!  In some cases, the social and even managerial skills you can pick up with some games can help you land your next job. Or you become so good at a game that you write guides for it, make money as a professional player, possibly get “almost famous.”

Virtual Sports or eSports is rapidbly becoming a high-stakes arena and its evolution can only be expected to accelerate with the likes of Oculus Rift and 360 degree up-down-and-all around full-motion machines to go with it.

Not to bleak, but with the rise of the drones, the robots, 3-d printers and artificial intelligence, in a few years – perhaps the only thing left for us to do will be to… play games.

5 Tips for Playing Games and Making Friends

The first place to begin finding other people interested in the same kind of games you like is on your Facebook and social media pages.

  1. Make a note that you are looking for others interested in whichever game has caught your fancy.
  2. Add hash tags like #Game #Racing so others can find you easier and search for others using the same tags.
  3. Post to the game’s social wall to invite others to look you up in game.
  4. Do a web search for bloggers active with a particular game and see if you can hook up with them.
  5. A little more hard-core:  Start your own guild and have a free web page to go with it!

The cool part is that when you do make friends via social networks, you can keep in touch with them.  Odds are that one or both of you will get tired of or perhaps “beat” a particular game eventually.  Instead of starting over “all alone”, you can decide together what new game to move onto.

The other cool part about social networking is that many games offer incentives for you to invite your friends.  This can take the form of in-game prizes, in-game currency, sometimes actual “new tech hardware” – mobile devices, peripherals and the like.

A Word of Caution.

Of course, you always want to be careful with your interactions with people online. Block messages from anyone spamming you, report inappropriate and offensive behavior, don’t give out information about yourself that can be used to identify you, or your account. Be cautious and use common sense

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