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There’s the old saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!”

Where conventional hack and slash takes you dungeon diving, Pizza Ninja 3 throws you into the kitchen. You’ll slice, dice, chop and try to shred your way through cheese and mushrooms, peppers and sausages as the pizza orders come in faster and faster.

While slicing them in mid-air is challenge enough, you’ll need to avoid the bombs.

The what?

The Bombs – yes.

One wrong move and your Double Deluxe Combo will turn you into… Tossed Salad!

If you are looking to test your hand-eye coordination, timing and ninjitsu-precision, Pizza Ninja 3 will give you a great work out and… probably make you very hungry… for pizza.

Pizzas, of course, are sold separately and not available for delivery through Opera Mobile Store.

Download Pizza Ninja 3 Today!

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