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Share your bookmarks with the new version of Opera for Android

The most recent update of Opera for Android makes it easy to share your favorite sites.

How?  Just follow these four simple steps:

  1. Tap the Bookmarks entry on your Speed Dial.
  2. Tap Manage and select which bookmarks or bookmark folder you want to share.
  3. Tap the share button (beside the trash icon).
  4. Name your bookmarks collection, then tap OK.


This version also has a few other neat tricks like showing you how much you save with Opera’s bandwidth conservation technology.

Download the latest Opera for Android on Google Play now!

For more information, see Peter Wallman’s original post on the Opera Blog.

Video and data optimization can deliver $28 billion net gain to mobile operators over five years, independent analysis for Opera reveals

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Oslo, Norway, and Mountain View, Calif. – November 13, 2014

Mobile operators globally can benefit from a net gain of at least $28.7 billion over five years by deploying mobile video and data optimization technology in their networks, according to new findings from ABI Research, revealed by Opera Software’s Skyfire unit today.


The independent research, carried out on behalf of Skyfire, details how video and data optimization can positively impact quality of experience for users, which directly translates into reduced churn and subscriber tariff upgrades. It can also dramatically reduce operators’ capital and operational expenditures through the expansion of virtual capacity, resulting in significant total-cost-of ownership (TCO) savings.

Key findings, based on a conservative assumption that if just one in three operators deploys video and data optimization technology, the savings and revenue boost will therefore be as follows:

  • Churn-reduction savings: $12,947 million
  • Tariff-upgrade revenue boost: $6,481 million
  • Total-cost-of-ownership reduction savings: $9,347.6 million
  • Total over 5 years: $28,776 million

Mobile video and data optimization technology play a significant role in all three areas. Churn reduction savings are brought about by boosting the quality of experience for users, which leads to additional revenues from retained customers. Operators can generate additional income from a proportion of end users through upgrades to higher tariffs, driven by improved quality of experience and, therefore, a greater desire for more data. TCO savings are based in part on boosts in software-based virtual capacity for mobile video, which result in more video being played successfully per unit of CapEx.

“The continued rise in data consumption continues to put substantial pressure on mobile operator networks, and user experience is now seriously suffering as a result. End users are hurting, and many operators are using ‘band aid’ equipment patches and fixes to keep existing networks and infrastructure up and running – hardly a long-term solution,” says Nitin Bhandari, Skyfire CEO and Opera SVP of Operator Products. “This new analysis from ABI Research demonstrates that mobile video and data optimization can make a significant and positive impact both to the subscriber experience and an operator’s own user-experience KPIs. These elements all combine to bring enormous financial benefit to operators’ business performance.”

Regional variations

ABI Research developed an interactive “Mobile Video & Data Traffic Solutions Analyzer” that allows seven developed and emerging-market operator scenarios to be evaluated to assess the impact of mobile video and data optimization.

The model uses actual country market data, from economic and demographic data to mobile operator subscription and radio access network (RAN) deployment data.

The analyzer produced the following outputs for each region, combining to form the “Total worldwide revenue boost, churn and TCO savings”:

  • Asia-Pacific: $9,320 million
  • North America: $6,375 million
  • Western Europe: $4,954 million
  • Eastern Europe: $2,610 million
  • South America: $2,600 million
  • Africa: $1,784 million
  • Middle East: $1,133 million

“During the course of our interviews with the mobile operator community, it became clear that many networks have been historically designed to only support the sporadic needs of a voice and messaging client base. End-user expectations are rapidly evolving; operators must now deploy mobile data and video optimization solutions that can effectively enhance the amount of traffic the operator can handle in a given location,” says Jake Saunders, Vice President and Practice Director, ABI Research. “Our research, and analyzer, shows that the potential benefits of mobile video and data optimization translate not only to expanded virtual capacity and reduced capital infrastructure spend, but also to reduced churn by delivery of a more satisfactory and richer mobile internet experience. Even in a monthly data quota environment, there is an opportunity for operators to up-sell the mobile internet experience to their customers.”

Sample use cases

Philippines, churn reduction: Using the Philippines market, where there is some 4G subscriber adoption (2.5 million) but a much larger proportion on 3G (22 million), the average data throughput in the base station cell edge zones is estimated to be 365 Kbps without optimization. Boosting the quality of experience by enabling 30% to 60% greater data throughput can boost overall subscribers by around 2% per year and increase the subscriber retention rate equating to additional retained service revenues of US$204 million over a 5-year period.

Brazil, tariff upgrade: Using a conservative scenario of 2%, ABI Research calculates that an operator in the Brazilian market can generate an additional US$474 million in service revenue over a 5-year period from its 3G and 4G subscribers, attributed to faster user data rates and improved QoE.

Rocket Optimizer

Rocket Optimizer, from Opera Software’s Skyfire unit, is a robust and surgical mobile video optimization solution that provides operators with Experience Assurance and cloud-based mobile video Quality of Experience (QoE) management. In August, Skyfire announced that it had added streaming audio optimization to the platform, and, in April, announced Rocket Insights, a video analytics dashboard that helps operators better manage their network loads by providing real-time analytics.

Further information and detail

Network operators wishing to explore the Mobile Video & Data Traffic Solutions Analyzer should contact Opera’s Skyfire unit at

About Opera Software ASA

Opera Software crafts products and services that connect 350 million people to the internet. More than 130 operators around the world choose to work with us to give their customers the best web experience. Our mobile advertising platform enables publishers to monetize their content and allows brands to reach a global audience of more than 500 million consumers. Learn more about Opera at, or follow Opera on Facebook, Twitter and

Opera, Rocket Optimizer and Rocket Insights are trademarks of Opera Software ASA.

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Jakarta, Indonesia – November 13, 2014

Sponsored Web Pass from Opera brings more Indonesians to mobile internet

3-million-hours-of-free-internettMobile internet users will be able to enjoy three million hours of free mobile internet access over the next two months, with Opera Web Pass service, sponsored by, Indonesia’s top online-classifieds site as verified by comScore, is sponsoring three hours of free internet per day, and available only for Telkomsel customers. Through this partnership, and Opera Software hope to introduce new consumers to the mobile internet in Indonesia.

The subscribers can enjoy browsing the mobile internet, such as checking the latest updates on their favorite news portals or searching movie schedules for the nearest cinema, all for free.

How to get free internet with Sponsored Web Pass and Opera Mini

To browse the web and enjoy free internet with Sponsored Web Pass, users just need to open the Opera Mini browser, click the “Paket Internet Webpass” Speed Dial icon and select the “Free Internet by Berniaga (3 hours)” web-pass option. Users will be able to browse the web and enjoy three hours of sponsored internet access for one day

Sponsored Web Pass will attract new mobile internet customers

“Indonesia is the fastest-growing C2C marketplace and classifieds market in Southeast Asia, and this growth is propelled by smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices,” says Reynazran Royono, Deputy General Manager of “With Sponsored Web Pass, we believe we can reach new consumers by making it easy and convenient for them to access the mobile internet.”

“Internet penetration in Indonesia has seen tremendous growth in recent years. We are very excited to collaborate with the market leaders in Indonesia and reach more Indonesian users,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software. “We are confident Opera Web Pass will encourage people to go online more often.”

Easy-to-understand mobile internet

Opera Web Pass is available via Opera Mini, the fast and easy-to-use browser app that shrinks webpages by as much as 90%.

Opera Web Pass bundles mobile internet in easy-to-understand, affordable packages that are time or content based. Purchased within the Opera Mini browser, Opera Web Pass is an alternative to complex data plans based on megabyte usage.

For more information on the Opera Web Pass solution for operators, visit:

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Video boost, a first for web browsers, debuts in Opera Mini 9 – Nov 7

iPhone and iPad users will see less of the dreaded video-buffering wheel, using the new video boost feature in the Opera Mini 9 web browser, released today. People love watching video on their mobiles and tablets. Unfortunately, this can eat… Read More


Digital Fashion Week expands its runway to Smart TVs through Opera TV Snap – Nov 7

Millions of global Smart TV viewers are now able to watch Asia’s leading fashion event Digital Fashion Week through its TV app.

Digital Fashion Week developed its first TV app using the Opera TV Snap technology, which transforms online video content into ready-to-run apps fully optimized for Smart TV devices…  Find out More


Opera Mediaworks partners with Viggle to introduce Add-to-DVR technology – Nov 6

New mobile ad technology, developed by Opera Mediaworks in partnership with the entertainment marketing and rewards platform Viggle, gives TV network advertisers the ability to offer a brand-new call to action, Add-to-DVR, as part of their mobile campaigns… Learn More

October 17-18 @ Minsk’s Renaissance Hotel

Just last week, the Opera Mobile Team traveled to Belarus to participate in DevGamm Minsk 2014.  DevGamm is a major game conference attended by over 800 participants from many of the world’s leading gaming companies where the focus is on game design, not marketing.  We would like to take this opportunity to share some pictures from the event with you!