OMS Guide for Mobile App Developers

Opera Mobile Store Guide for Mobile App Developers

The OMS Guide has been restructured to better group related content.

Under “Business Development” you will find issues relating to financial planning, finding investors, building teams, monetization, B2B ideas, along with considerations for mobile app design.

Under “Marketing and Distribution” you should get some ideas about how to get the most from Opera Mobile Store and its special options for premium apps, and then insight on selecting target markets, expanding marketing and distribution, public relations, content development and broader global perspectives.

At the bottom, there is a section for mobile app related jobs, careers and business opportunities.


Business Development

 Business & Financial Planning

 Finding Investors

 Building your Team


 B2B Collaboration

 Design & Development Components

Marketing & Distribution

 Opera Mobile Store

 OMS Premium Subscription Store

 Target Markets

 Marketing & Distribution

 Public Relations

 Email & Content Development

 Global Perspective

Mobile App Development – Job and Career Opportunities