The OMS Guide for Mobile App Developers

The OMS Guide for Mobile App Developers organizes the best of the articles of the blog into major topics for easier reference.    Major areas include Business Development, Mobile Design, Mobile Marketing, Apps for Newcomers, Industry Insights and Global Mobile.  As we continue, more categories will be defined.

Effort over the next few weeks will be directed to updating and improving some of the content to increase its value and usefulness; add examples, include more resources, reference meritorious external content and more.  Also, having a better view of what has been covered can help define topics that still need to be covered.

The goal of this blog is directed to helping mobile app developers improve their revenue.  There are a lot of things that go into that.   While there are basically four revenue models used by most mobile app developers, it deserves to be emphasized that there are more:

Top Ten Mobile App Revenue Models

No… it’s now up to 11!

Business Development

Opera Mobile Store Opportunities

New to Mobile Apps?

Mobile App Design


Mobile App Marketing

Industry Interviews & Insights

Global Mobile & Other “Stuff”


Project Manager at the Opera Mobile Store providing Sales-Marketing support. Content development and research.

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