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You don’t have to be a developer to get useful information and ideas from the OMS Guide for Mobile App Developers. The guide is written to help developers monetize their apps and build their business, but a lot of the same principles apply to any venture and almost any career – even if they have absolutely nothing to do with mobile apps. Most businesses are still concerned with reaching more customers and being more competitive in their market. Cool things happen by exploring possibilities – let’s explore some that might be interesting for you!

Many posts in the OMS Guide are useful to anyone whether it relates to defining your breakeven point, having mentors or having a press kit, to name a few. Many aspects of mobile are useful for your business as may relate to mobile advertising, mobile friendly web sites, cross promotions, developer newsletters, content licensing, and more. Third, there are considerations about what a mobile app could do for your business – which does not necessarily mean that you need to develop an app from scratch.

Becoming the mobile “lead” in your company. One of the fastest ways to advance in any company is to find something that you can do, that the company needs but is not doing – and offering it. How that is done may vary from one company to the next. Some companies may require an action plan, cost-benefit analysis, a prototype or maybe something more. It is good to talk with management to see what they need. For many small companies, simply volunteering to fill a needed, vacant, function is enough.

Be an SME – Subject Matter Expert on Mobile and the Internet of Things for your company if it does not already have one. The most important aspect of this role is to understand the value it could have for your company. For most small businesses, it is only a matter of time before your expertise will be needed.

Apt App Questions. First, there is the exploration itself – asking questions and embarking to find the answers. What can IT do for you? Let IT be anything – information technology, mobile apps, mobile advertising or even holograph technology. How are others making use of IT?

For every problem, there is a solution. Most of the problems of any business today have already been solved by other businesses. In most cases, the solution is to adopt what others have done to solve problems for their business and modify it to your business. There is no need to constantly reinvent the wheel – we merely need to keep modifying the wheels to the vehicle using them. Every business is unique, so adaptation is necessary.

Look Around. You may not know exactly what you are looking for, but if you are not looking you probably won’t find it. This is a big part of competitive analysis – looking at what others are doing to see if you need it or can do it better. A huge world full of ideas, innovations and solutions awaits discovery with more innovations and new applications of old ideas being invented every day. It is hard to keep up with everything but the more you keep an eye open the more likely you are to see trends that can help position your company to be ahead of the bellcurve for adopting “new technologies” and applications for them.

Talk. Everyone needs a feedback loop – especially programmers and developers. Making it a point to develop friends with them is good for both of you. Programmers and developers are the people best able to tell electronic devices what we want the devices to do. The people who are involved in the other aspects of a business depend upon them to “translate” what we need to the electronic devices. They know the limits of the devices or at least are able to test those limits.

This dialogue will help you see different applications as easy or difficult. By knowing the things that can be done easily and with minimal expense you are in a better position to present different ideas and projects to the management in your company. Not understanding the complexity involved in a project can lead to additional expenses which can undermine future confidence in your proposals.

Is Mobile for You? Your questions are welcome! You do not need to be a programmer or developer to benefit from an expanded knowledge and awareness of mobile or related technologies. Up through 2004, many companies held that the Internet was just a fad – that eventually people would tire of it and move on. They were right in a sense, but more in that technology would continue to advance to offer people more things to move on to. Some have held that mobile is something different than the internet, others simply that they are the merely the same thing viewed differently from a big screen or a small screen.

If you are following tech news – how we will see and interact with “everything” 10 or 20 years from now gets even more interesting and complex. At the very least, it is a pretty safe bet that people are not going to put down their mobile devices to go back to manual typewriters. If Mobile Is as it is now – how much more will it be tomorrow?

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