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Following recent posts on eSports, it seems like a good idea to get into what it means for the world of mobile apps, particularly on the design side.   While many eSports games are played on PC’s, more and more are becoming available for iOS and Android.   Several of the Top 50  eSports Games can be played on mobile already, Hearthstone and World of Tanks Blitz being two quick examples.

Additionally, there are hundreds of apps built around one or many different eSports games – as mods, dedicated game news, gaming tips, training and managing play statistics.  For example, with League of Legends, one of the most popular eSports games, you might look at:

Or, for other popular games:

These are just a few examples, but they provide a wide range of examples to draw upon for app ideas that can tie into a game.  You will need to carefully examine the terms and conditions of each game to avoid legal and copyright issues.  It is advisable to contact and work with the game company, many of which welcome community support.  It can pay huge dividends to get a publisher’s approval and support.  Their approval boosts the potential for successful, popular players to publicly use your app on their live stream events further boosting your visibility.

To come up with ideas, reading the publisher’s game forum and community forums can help you get a feel for what players are looking for.  By looking at what is available, too, you may get ideas on what could be done to make it better, or offer more.

There’s Always Something New Coming

Always bear in mind that hardware and software technology is constantly evolving and can be expected to mitigate the physical differences and limitations of both personal computers and mobile devices.  The science fiction of a decade ago is increasingly becoming the reality of today – from virtual reality experiences and holograms to neural implants and Drones getting bundled up with the whole Internet of Things.

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.  – William Gibson

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