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Today we get to actually play — a little bit.  Heroes of Destiny is a real-time, fantasy adventure game in the spirit of Diablo but with a brighter medieval setting.  Ultimately, it lets you control up to four characters at a time – and we’ll get to that shortly.

The graphics use a combination of cartoon and “cardboard cutout” styles that are really very nice on a tablet .  After trying to play another app, Micro Army, I resolved that my fingers are simply way too big and my eyes not good enough to try playing any games requiring any amount of manual dexterity on a smart phone.

Play is easy, starting out with a few tutorial missions that provide extremely obvious visual clues on what you need to do and how to do it — like attack, heal specific targets, use special abilities, pick up and equip the lootz, etc.

At first, you only control a sword and board (shield) fighter type against some pesky goblins.  In the second fight, you run into a healer, and shortly afterwards, an archer/rogue type.  It looks like you have to purchase the fourth character – of which there are many to chose from, each with their own combat style and abilities.  You can also swap out your heroes, but just starting out, you need these three.  Soloing does not quite cut it.

You have the option to buy in app currency (gems), but you start out with a few free ones, get more for each day that you log in, and can pick up some more by watching advertisements or downloading other apps.   Grinding out your fourth hero will take a bit of effort – as the cheapest one starts at 200 gems and several are in the thousands of gems.   Still you have options, grind em out for free or go the pay to play route.

Play involves “missions” – and this is the one feature that makes it attractive for mobile users, even if you go free to play.  Each mission only takes a few minutes to complete.    Play is linear, but you can play the same mission repeatedly.  The missions involve standard fare with the fantasy genre — a number of “trash mobs” — followed by a mini-boss or boss-type creature.

As you dispatch the monsters in your quest, some will drop coins, and occasionally some items – like a bow, a shield, and what at first I thought was a staff, but it turned out to be an evil looking scythe.  These can be upgraded and you can also buy things in the store – sometimes with the coin you earn, other things with the precious “gems” that are so much more difficult (or expensive) to get.

This is the kind of game that I personally like and would play if I was relying upon a mobile device for entertainment – whether commuting to work on a bus or subway, traveling frequently, or simply lounging out on the beach getting my crypt-white skin a tan.   It is enough to keep one mildly amused — but as I mentioned yesterday, I’m out to find “the app” that will inspire me to do a full-fledged after action report.

I’d give Heroes of Destiny a FOUR STAR review (out of five) mainly because of the cost of the in-app currency.

Download Pocket Ants game for free for your Android device and enjoy feeding, marching, exploding, fighting, moving, and racing your ants!Should the ants live in peaceful coexistence or battle to death? Burn them with a magnifying glass or make them race for food? Blow them away with a land mine? With Pocket Ants the choice is yours.GAME FEATURES:ants★ Electrocute & drown ants with storms!
★ Collect & move the ants with the ant magnet.
★ Blow the ants into your traps with the fan!
★ Feed the ants strawberries and watermelon.
★ Zap the ants with the laser!
★ Torch the ants with the flame thrower!
★ Blow up the ants with the firecracker!
★ Burn the ants with the magnifying glass!
★ Blow up the ants with ant mines.
★ Drop rocks on ants.
★ Have the ants move their home.
★ Draw a path for the ants to follow.
★ Race the ants.
★ Add more or less ants.
★ Set red and black ant aggressiveness.
★ Set percentage of black/red ants.

— at Opera Mobile Store.



Ski Resort in the Mall of Emirates – image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Being able to do anything, anywhere – and some would add under any conditions, is important for professionals on the go, in the field, and traveling lite.   Today, we take a look at non-centralized office environments in conjunction with a mini-review of MobiSystems OfficeSuite 7, available on Opera Mobile Store for free.

I’ve been a huge fan of the telecommute, non-centralized office environment since 1998.  Certain things are easier to do within an office environment, but an office is absolutely not essential for the vast majority of “work” outside of a retail, production and transport oriented environment.  About the only mission critical components for a non-centralized work environment is making sure everyone has the same software and protocols for communication.

Mobile makes it exponentially easier to do just about anything while traveling, sitting at the beach with a strawberry daiquiri, or taking a ski lift to the top of the mountain — or the mall in Dubai.   This last example just goes to show that you really can do anything, anywhere.

MobiSystems OfficeSuite 7 is an important step in that direction.   This free version enables you to view just about any file format imaginable.  As they put it, “OfficeSuite is a universal document viewer for Android enabling you to open, view, print and share native DOC, DOCX, DOCM, RTF, TXT, LOG, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, CSV, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM, EML, PDF and ZIP files.”

MobiOfficeIt is a 24 Mb download which may make it difficult to download in some areas, but the ability to receive, review and respond to all of these types of files and documents is worth a little effort and a little extra wait.   MobiSoft indicates that it has been installed on over 120 million devices in over 205 countries — confirming my opinion that it is easy to download and easy to use.   Plus, it is available in 56 languages.

Upgrading to the professional version within the app runs 4.99 € enabling you to create, edit, update documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, interact with various DropBox-like functions, convert documents to PDF, etc.

In contrast, the latest Microsoft Office package retail price is about $499.99.  MobiSystems OfficeSuite 7 is not the only mobile office package out there.   QuickOffice Premier runs $14.99.   Another, AlwaysOnPC  runs $20 working in conjunction with OpenOffice documents.  There are OpenOffice efforts in progress – something to watch if you are on a really tight budget.   By virtue of its number of users (over 120 million), MobiSystems OfficeSuite 7 a pretty safe bet.

The one feature I have not tried is using my device with this app to print a document.  I don’t see where that would be too complicated if you are set up for it.  Odds are you won’t be carrying a printer around with you, but you can easily email the file to someone to have it printed.

All the way around, this is an extremely useful, easy to use app that every professional should have.