Mobile App Growth Strategy outside the Big Three App Stores

Why would anyone want to have their app on alternative app stores outside the Big Three of Apple, Google and Amazon? Here are seven quick reasons why you would want to develop a presence on several stores.

  1. Multiple points of presence for expanded market reach.
  2. More chances to develop relationships with different store owners/teams.
  3. Market diversification for the long term, experimenting now will pay dividends later.
  4. Most developing markets, despite short term fluctuations, are gaining on wages and purchasing power parity.
  5. Dollar for dollar, easier to compete on most alternative stores.
  6. Most internet/mobile growth is taking place outside of developed countries – running at roughly 9% per year many of these users will never use Google.
  7. It can involve localization efforts, but this is usually a fraction of developing the full app.

Getting on Opera Mobile Store is easy and free, plus we can help you get on more stores fast.

If you are aiming for your app to stand out and get some attention, competing with hundreds of thousands of other developers and a million other apps is probably not the best place to do it, unless you have a major marketing budget.

No one starts with the ability to compete at the top. Even Cristian Ronaldo, the world’s #1 highest paid football player started out playing with a local team (Nacional) before moving onto football academy, Arsenal, taking part in the Olympics, signing with Manchester United and eventually Real Madrid.

With mobile marketing, you have the option to pick your own battles – to decide when and where you will compete. You don’t have to play everyone else’s game. You just need to cultivate your own game. This involves answering one question,

Where can you get the most downloads for the least effort?

Some will put this question in the form of “least cost”, but this presumes that you must have money to start a marketing campaign – and you don’t. It helps to have money, but there is much that you can do at no cost that can generate downloads immediately, like:

  • Communicating with a store’s marketing team
  • Press releases to get media coverage
  • Getting your Mobile App reviewed
  • Social networking
  • Guest Articles on mobile blog Sites

Leading off with talking to a store’s marketing team, if you have your app on Opera Mobile Store, you have the opportunity to submit your app to me for review or provide a review or overview of your own. We are also happy to post your app on our Facebook wall. Getting on either our blog or Facebook page should make it easier for you to get on other sites, too.

Success breeds success – namely, the more downloads you get, the easier it is for you to get more downloads. It does not really matter where they come from. Once you have direct contact with a customer, you are able to communicate with them directly – to encourage them to give your app a favorable review, recommend it to friends, even incentivize recommendations via in app currency. This expands your marketing channels for your current app while increasing your marketing reach on any apps you develop in the future.

If you are able to achieve a top placement in one app store, you increase the odds of getting the attention of other stores (and people/groups of interest).

Energy flows in the path of least resistance. Making an effort to find that path of least resistance will help you far more than simply being in the same mega stores everyone else is in.

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