Do It Yourself Advertising on OMS!

Opera Mobile Store has a Do-It-Yourself Advertising Campaign Manager to help you get a boost for your last minute holiday advertising. This is good for developers who already have their apps on Opera Mobile Store.

You don’t have your app on Opera Mobile Store? Take the time now to do so. There’s still some time before the holiday to get your app registered and to start your own campaigns. Lots of people will be getting new smart phones, tables and other electronic goodies and will be looking to add apps for them during and after the holidays!

Advertising with Opera Mobile Store enables you to reach mobile users that you are not likely to reach otherwise. The vast majority of our customers use the Opera Mini browser and have Opera Mobile Store on their speed dial. Opera is attractive for customers in many countries because our browser compresses data to help save on bandwidth and data usage fees with carriers. Registration of your apps on Opera Mobile Store is also free, unlike on Google Play or the App Store.

Starting a Do-It-Yourself Campaign Manager requires an initial deposit of at least $250, that you can add directly via PayPal or your Credit Card.


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