Group Networking

Your goal is to accelerate the penetration of your app within your audience. You are likely competing with many other developers, many other apps. Your means to success is based upon a simple process – get two of your friends to show your app to two of their friends. If you managed to repeat this every day for a month, you would literally achieve global domination.

But, nothing works that simply or that consistently.

While it takes extra effort, developing relationships with groups and organizations can help you accelerate your marketing efforts.

What are these groups? They could be:

  • individual businesses,
  • blogs and media venues of all types,
  • membership sites,
  • clubs and professional associations,
  • non-profit organizations,
  • non-government organizations,
  • gaming guilds and sports teams,
  • you get the idea?

This starts with having something to offer and a friendly or professional relationship with a decision maker in the group. This is the old fashioned way of networking. Obviously, you want to approach groups that would have a specific interest in your app.

Consider that the recommendation of a respected professional within an organization is likely to be followed by many others. There’s the potential for guest articles, backlinks, reviews, interviews, collaborative projects of all sorts. This is directly in line with building “authority alliances” and grassroots networking.

Social networking is good. Approaching people one on one can take a lot of energy. Approaching leaders and advocates who are able to influence groups of people helps maximize your effectiveness.


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