Five Businesses Compatible with Mobile App Development

Just because you are a mobile app developer does not mean mobile app development must be your only line of business activity. Considering that most app developers are not making money on their apps, some diversification in your product and service offerings could go a long way! There is a long list of business activities directly relevant to your mobile development work. Let’s take a look at some:

1.  Mobile Development Contracting and Subcontracting. This almost goes without saying, yet it still frequently ignored. Be available to other companies seeking to outsource their mobile development work. Many developers are fixated on producing their apps, suffice that getting paid to develop other people’s apps provides you experience, professional contacts, and some operating capital.

2.  Graphics Design. Whether you have a team or not, odds are you have some involvement with graphics design. You do it yourself, someone on your team who is good at it, or you outsource it. So, take stock of what you have and what your development partners are capable of. If you have the means of producing high quality graphics, animations, videos, etc., you have the potential to market these as part of your services.   If you outsource, this will involve negotiating a discounted rate with your partner and/or adding a mark-up on their rates. Many web site developers make these arrangements as a standard practice. Your apps can be used as part of your showcase, too. This offers a near-zero barrier to expanding your business.

3. Translation and Language Optimization. Technically two different services. All of the main factors associated with graphics design apply here, provided you, someone on your team, or someone you outsource to is fluent in two or more languages. Add expertise in specific industries, colloquial use, jargon, search engine optimization skills for matters of language optimization. There is an active need for both of these skills, internationally. Large companies pay for these services, too.

4.  Product Testing and Reviews. Companies do pay for unbiased product reviews and this can be a good way of getting a lot of free product. Approached on a long-term basis and with videos on YouTube, you can build your own mobile app user audience before you produce your own apps. This is a fairly limited opportunity, but on a per language basis. Good to have your own web site with this approach.

5.  Fancy Legal Advisories. The dividends for being a tech advisor for law firms can be very useful by way of their clientele. Lawyers depend upon all kinds of technical specialists as “professional witnesses”. Professional witnesses do get paid for expert services. See Wiki on Professional Witnesses for more. Make yourself known to your local lawyers and law practices… contrary to popular opinion they won’t bite you. Usually.

The first three are fairly obvious, suffice that if you are in business, having diversified sources of revenue is important, especially given the nuances of the monetization of the mobile app market. All of these additional business activities warrant having a web site for your business.

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