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Ready to expand your revenue model a bit further?   Sponsors.  No, not just advertisers, but companies that will help finance your app before it is completed, potentially before it is even started.   Events have sponsors, race cars have sponsors, many web sites, artists and sports teams have sponsors, and some apps do, too.   Oh, yes – that pic, if a highway can have a sponsor, why can’t you?  It is worthwhile to add sponsorships as a possible source of revenue alongside all of your other models.

The core things you need to be in the market for a sponsor include:

  • Knowledge and experience working in an industry or market niche.
  • An idea that would be useful to people in that niche.
  • A graphical prototype coupled with detailed specifics of how your app will work.
  • A demonstration you are capable of producing or managing the production of the app.
  • Details of how sponsors will benefit from their relationship with you.
  • Perhaps not critical, but good industry contacts can help open doors for you.

Getting a sponsor is in almost every way like finding an investor for a small business, except that sponsors typically do not get an equity stake in your final product.  Instead, during the course of development your publicity efforts indicate that you are receiving their financial assistance.  Likewise, your final product will (usually) require some prominent sponsorship notices.

To some extent, sponsorships can be likened to “philanthropic advertising”.   This tends to speak favorably of the sponsor, a good deed in helping young businesses get some play time to see how they do.  That serves to say that the sponsorship deal is not an end unto itself — but the beginning of a relationship.  In that sense, you do want to be selective of which companies you do offer sponsorship opportunities.  Ultimately, sponsorships can lead to further investments, possible strategic alliances, in some cases, outright acquisitions.

Another facet to sponsorships comes with the opportunity to meet people, potentially very influential people. While you are here, would you like to meet our team here at Opera Mobile Store?

It is frequently said that, “It’s not what you know, but who you know that counts.”  Well, that is part of it, but even more than this, it is who knows you and what they think of you that counts far, far more.

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