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Every year we select The Opera Top Apps Awards winners from 300,000 applications available on the Opera Mobile Store.  This represents only the top-downloaded apps in the period from December 1, 2013 through November 30, 2014.   This year, the categories are divided across Games and Utilities for Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Java.

App Developers are free to use the Award Logo in their program descriptions, on their websites or in any other online or printed media.

Our best congratulations to our Winners in each category!


Overall Winner

For the most downloads spanning all categories, the #1 Overall Winner for Opera Mobile Store in 2014 is… (drumroll)



by True Software Scandinavia AB


Android™ Games & Utilities


Symbian Games & Utilities

  • Symbian Utilities

  • Truecaller – Caller ID
    by True Software Scandinavia AB
  • Facebook
    by Facebook
  • Frim NG 
    by Ardetiel Services Limited

    Note that there are many country-specific versions of FRIM, so make sure to look for the one that is best for you.


Blackberry Games & Utilities


Java Games & Utilities

Merry Christmas & Ho! Ho!  Ho! to everyone!

In presenting this list, I realize that no one will ever want me to do their Christmas shopping for them… ever.  There are so many apps and so many different tastes, interests and age groups to consider to make it kind of difficult to find 5 apps suitable for every child out there.  So, the goal was reduced to trying to find at least one app for just about everyone.   That, I think was achieved… without including a single Zombie App!


ginger1.  Talking Ginger

A cute talking kitten app. My wife talked me into getting a real cat, insisting that real cats don’t shed hair, don’t go potty in places where they aren’t supposed to, generally eat everything you give them, and that she would take care of it. She was wrong on all accounts. So, when your little ones look up to you and give you that look that you simply cannot refuse, you know the look, “I want a kitten!” You can now put a smile on your little one’s face and download Talking Ginger. Parents should note this app may involve some in-app purchases and an additional download of 6 – 42 Mb to get the best graphics quality.


 171076_screenshot_12.  Chess

Chess is a classic, easy to learn, hard to master game. For all of the games out there, Chess is arguably the oldest game people still play. Simply knowing how to set up a chess board these days implies a certain measure of… sophistication. There are also a lot of different chess game apps available, all quite good with different features so you may want to shop around. I selected this version for having a very traditional and authentic chessboard look-n-feel with 7 difficulty levels and lots of extra features. Chess is like mental martial arts, “Wax on, wax off!” This is not just a game for boys either, over 3 decades ago, a girl put me into checkmate on the junior high school chess team tournament. I was stunned.


dragonage3. Heroes of Dragon Age

“Heroes of Dragon Age hits all the right notes… impressive depths in terms of strategy, style of play, and character design make this Dragon Age tie-in a worthy addition to your games folder.” – IGN Asia

Collect heroes and fantastic creatures and do battle! Produced by Electronic Arts, you get a high quality game with rich graphics and an extensive storyline supporting solo and player-vs-player game play. There are literally thousands of games out there; trying to select a few “for everyone” is pretty hard.

Back in the day, about when the Apple IIe first appeared and role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons started becoming popular – with nerds like me, there were girls who played, too. Well, okay, technically, there was just one girl who joined us “once in a while” – but fast forward to 2009 and there were 400,000 girls playing World of Warcraft just in the United States.

Today? Well, Today, Winter is Coming! The entire fantasy genre is coming to life like never before.


wikipedia4.  Wikipedia App

Parents today can be very, very thankful for not being hit up every year to buy a new 20-30 book set of the Encyclopedia Brittanica – technically, they stopped printing in 2010. Today, Wikipedia can be considered an excellent free encyclopedia simply for the number of people who contribute to it. Everyone should be able to have free access to information. Looking back, anyone who actually received an Encyclopedia Brittanica set for Christmas – and I know there are at least a few of you out there, you probably felt ripped-off… because you really wanted the newest G.I. Joe. Okay, well, you probably didn’t want that either. Anyways… now, you can make sure your children always have the information they might need at their fingertips.


booba5.  Talking Booba: Santa’s Pet

A Christmas App List for Kids probably would not be complete without some kind of Christmas related app. Where Talking Ginger is likely to appeal to young ladies, Talking Booba might be funnier for little lads. The best thing about Booba, for parents at least, is that you will never have to buy a real one!

The OMS Guide for Mobile App Developers organizes the best of the articles of the blog into major topics for easier reference.    Major areas include Business Development, Mobile Design, Mobile Marketing, Apps for Newcomers, Industry Insights and Global Mobile.  As we continue, more categories will be defined.

Effort over the next few weeks will be directed to updating and improving some of the content to increase its value and usefulness; add examples, include more resources, reference meritorious external content and more.  Also, having a better view of what has been covered can help define topics that still need to be covered.

The goal of this blog is directed to helping mobile app developers improve their revenue.  There are a lot of things that go into that.   While there are basically four revenue models used by most mobile app developers, it deserves to be emphasized that there are more:

Top Ten Mobile App Revenue Models

No… it’s now up to 11!

Business Development

Opera Mobile Store Opportunities

New to Mobile Apps?

Mobile App Design


Mobile App Marketing

Industry Interviews & Insights

Global Mobile & Other “Stuff”


Alfred Winston from provided permission to post their infographic – 10 Step Checklist to Build and Market a Successful App.  You can get your own embedding code by accessing the DCI Blog.

So, let’s take a look —

10 Step Checklist to build and market successful app
Dot Com Infoway – Mobile Apps Marketing Agency

In my estimation this covers virtually everything, it is an excellent, informative – process oriented sequence that you can start setting your Gantt Charts to now.

The only thing I would add to this infographic comes before Step One (Defining your unique sales proposition, platfrom and strategy).   Simply – it is to not box yourself into one app as your available options.  I addressed this briefly, tangentially, a few months ago.

Don’t limit yourself to one app, one model, one business idea, one prospective investment.  It may be a great idea, but it needs to be compared to something else.  This can lead to looking at the same idea for an app in several different contexts — your idea for an app might be better presented as a full-fledged business, a subscription service, etc.

When you really like the idea of investing into gold, there are not too many who would say that’s a terrible idea.   But you also have the option of investing in silver or platinum, real estate, stocks, bonds, futures, a new business, etc.  The idea is to get the most out of your next investment.

But, once you have determined that you are going to produce an app – DCI’s infographic is your road map.

Today, we get a special treat – a look into a new Top Secret Project that has Victor Shaburov at the helm. Word of his project, was leaked by CNet on Friday. Shortly afterwards, I received an unexpected call from Victor to “run with the story”.  If you follow us on Facebook, you may already be expecting this.

Victor, as you may know, founded which went on to become Opera Mobile Store. He concluded his contract with Opera in April, he had a new start-up, Looksery, waiting for him. (Check out our interview with Victor, you will see he is not new to start-ups.)

The old argument of “Picture or it didn’t happen” is very 20th Century.  Just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it is not there. Likewise, just because we do see something, doesn’t mean it really is there.  What we are about to look at has the potential to fundamentally alter our perceptions of reality.

Looksery is an app that enables mobile users to adjust, enhance and transform your appearance in video chat, photographs and more. Rather than describe how it works, let’s show you:

Impressive? I’d say so, especially considering Victor’s team is still working on their first release.   Real-time special effects – to make you look better, mesmerize your friends with that cool cascading eye-glow, get rid of blemishes faster than oxypads, or give conspiracy theorists a scare with the shocking ‘alien shark morph’.

Imagine this technology a few years down the road!

It sounds like Looksery will be made available on a freemium model with some special effects available as in app purchases for $1 or $2 each. According to CNet, Looksery will also be running a Kickstarter project to raise additional funding.

Victor promised that Looksery will be available on Opera Mobile Store first  (!!!) – one day ahead of its availability on Google Play.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more – what it can do and when it will be available.