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Going back a few days, we took a look at statistics from AppFigures.com indicating that roughly 88% of the developers on the Big Three only have their apps on one of them, only 12% on two, just 1% on all three.

The reasons for this are worth investigating in greater detail, suffice that at least one discussion on LinkedIn has pointed to some developers not having enough time to set up an account and how each of their apps will appear in different stores. Before getting deeper into that, Opera Mobile Store makes it extremely easy and extremely fast to get your app on the 5th largest mobile app store in the world.

Get your app on Opera Mobile Store – Easy

  1. Set up an account on our publisher’s platform – https://publishers.apps.opera.com, basically add your name, email and choose a password.
  2. Send an email to the Opera Mobile Store content team (apps-support@opera.com) with a request to have your app/s added to Opera Mobile Store. In this email, you want to include four things:
  • affirm that you are the developer of the apps in question
  • provide a links to each of your apps on other app stores
  • give us permission to “clone” your listing onto Opera Mobile Store
  • provide/attach a copy of your APK files

Typically, you will receive a response within 1-2 business days. If our team needs something more than what you have provided, they will be in touch with you via email.  Our team will “clone” your listing – copy and format your app text, icons and images to OMS specifications, onto Opera Mobile Store.

To make it even easier for you, on Friday I will provide a copy of a letter that you can simply copy/paste and edit that you can send to our team.

All of this should take about 8 minutes to do.

Benefits of being on Opera Mobile Store

In exchange for your 8 minutes, you will have your apps on the 5th largest app store with 70+ million monthly visitors.  Opera Mobile Store generates over 2 million app downloads daily.   You can compete for a top position on Opera Mobile Store’s app lists far easier than you can on the Big Three.

More than this, by developing a relationship with Opera Mobile Store, we can introduce you to our networking partners and accelerate the process of seeing your apps added to their stores, too. We also offer periodic cross-promotion opportunities.

Developers of premium apps can also elect to have their apps placed in special subscription service stores offered by participating mobile carriers.

At the simplest level, getting your app on many different stores increases your total points of presence.  That increases your market reach because not everyone visits Google Play or dines only at McDonalds.   Getting on more than one store increases your options, increases your overall potential for different opportunities.


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