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Do you really appreciate your customers and the opportunities they present? Every customer is not the same and while many might have the same interests, their degree of interest can vary radically. Most developers are content with signing regular, every-day customers. There are other types of customers – each able to open the door to different opportunities. Understanding this is the first step in being able to facilitate and explore those opportunities.

It is useful to understand cause and effect relationships and to see that any given action has the potential to create an opportunity. Most importantly, that serves to say that the lack of action typically precludes those opportunities from developing.   Even more important than that is to appreciate that in the digital world “any given action” includes things like “Links” and “Content” designed to facilitate specific actions. There’s a lot of deep theory here, but it is all simple to put to put into practice.

Below is a rough break-out of the different levels of customer relationships associated with the opportunities likely to be associated with them.   This helps establish two things. First, it presents what is likely to happen if the potential for it to happen is “easy” – if there is not a way for regular users to give you a Like on Facebook for your app, they probably won’t. Second, it provides you the ability to evaluate what you can do to facilitate additional opportunities for each and every customer.

Regular Customers – 80%

  • Downloads your app, completes registration and is added to your mailing list
  • Uses your app increasing your revenue from advertising
  • Uses your app and spends money to buy from the in-app store or upgrades to premium version
  • May give you a Facebook “Like”, Twitter Follower or added to your Google+ Circle

Loyal Customers – 15%

  • May be in the top 15% of spenders for your app.
  • Provides a review of your app.
  • Recommends your app to their friends.
  • May download or purchase your future apps.
  • May respond to special offers via in-app messaging, your newsletter or website.
  • May post to game forum/s with tips, tricks, ask questions for help.

Super Users – 5%

  • May be in the top 5% of spenders for your app.
  • Very active in recommending to friends.
  • May be a blogger inclined to post about your app.
  • May make a “guide” for your app.
  • May make a “video” for your app.

Unique Customers – 1%

  • May be in the top 1% of spenders for your app.
  • May be another developer with an interest in some form of collaboration.
  • Might be another business able to collaborate with you on advertising or other app development.
  • Potential future employee or affiliate.
  • Potential introductions to other people of interest.
  • Potential to generate a sponsor or interest from an investor.
  • Potential to be a “Subject Matter Expert” or source for journalists and media.

This breakout should help you see your customer base and such things as average lifetime customer value in a completely different light. As the developer, you need a way to recognize and respond to the existence of each of these possibilities. Essentially, you only need to provide the means for your customers to distinguish themselves.

You can facilitate all or most of these opportunities inside your app, on your web site and even your social media accounts. Apply to the opportunities that are realistic and cost effective for you. You may not need a page for job vacancies or investments, but if you do, having that information available makes it easy for those with the interest to contact you with their interests.

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