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Organizing your social media effort can be very useful in getting additional exposure for you, your company, your apps and other products.   Today, we’ll take a quick look at how you can get better results from your social media efforts by helping others with their efforts.

Social networking can involve a huge investment in time, but it does not need to.   It is also a recommended practice to talk less about yourself and more about others in a social networking environment.   Most people (and companies) generally do not have a well-developed social networking plan.   Generally speaking, it doesn’t need to be – either, provided at least some effort is invested into it.   The value of social networking is a lot less concerned about what it can do for you today than what it may be able to do for you, tomorrow.

Everyone has a social circle – friends, family, colleagues, and companies they like to do business with.  It is not a far stretch to consider a networking circle.   This considers a semi-formal, organized effort between multiple individuals and organizations with the aim of helping promote each other “on occasion” through Social Network Actions – a like, a share, a recommendation, a comment, a review, a rating.

The idea of a networking circle is for each participant to spend a small amount of time each week or month providing likes, shares, comments, etc., for everyone else in the circle.   It is best for this to involve a nominal commitment from everyone – perhaps 15 minutes a week or 30 minutes per month.  It only takes a few seconds to give a like, a minute or two for a share, a review or a recommendation.

There are a lot of variants of this kind of program out there and to some it may be gaming the system.   It’s not gaming the system if you honestly support what your friends and associates are doing or are trying to do.   It is unlikely that any person participating in a network circle will stick with it long if they don’t believe in the efforts of other participants.   Most of us will not recommend a product, service, company or even a person, we don’t believe in or don’t like.   A networking circle serves as a friendly commitment to the people and efforts we do like.

The benefit for everyone?   Spending 2-3 minutes each month helping 10 other people is returned by 10 other people spending 2-3 minutes each month helping you.   It works on an exponential curve.  It helps to establish a basis for closer networking efforts, more cross-promotional opportunities, ultimately expanding the reach of all network participants.


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