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This article falls in line with the Top Ten Mobile App Revenue Models as yet another way developers might explore better monetizing their mobile apps.   When big movie companies come out with big movies, sometimes they produce games to go with them.  Sometimes, authors produce books that are made into movies, that also get made into games.  Frequently enough, large development studios contract to smaller studios to actually make those games.   The first intention is to draw attention to this process as an avenue worth exploring – but also to make this approach easier for solo developers and small teams making mobile apps.

When you are developing for movie studios and authors with books in the Times Top Ten Best Sellers, you have gone Big League.  Usually, that is reserved for Big League developers who have already produced killers apps and awesome games – who already have top talent, considerable capital and solid lines of credit.    Just because you don’t have these things does not mean you cannot move in this direction, starting with the authors and film makers who are in the same boat as you.

Many authors and film makers may not be thinking in terms of having a “game” that goes with and helps to promote their book or movie.   This requires doing some research and investigation of your own, comparing the themes of these movies to what you are able to design.   You would also be looking for authors and film makers who are already showing signs of being a rising star.  If they already have a book or short film, that can help you assess just how many people you might reach on a collaborative project.

Negotiating the terms of any collaborative effort is important and may involve bringing in a lawyer or at least talking with others who have engaged in similar projects.    The higher the profile of the author and their books, the more likely you will either need to purchase a licensing fee to use their content as the basis for your game, or extend a share of the profits you make with your game.

However, with authors and film makers just starting out, the whole objective may simply focus on publicity.  That’s the sweet spot to aim for.  Functionally, the more you are able to show that your apps are able to contribute to the success of a book or movie, the easier it will be for you to get favorable terms on future higher profile projects.  Start small and build up.


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