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We recently started a series of articles to introduce people not involved with mobile apps to consider their potential value and possible roles in working with mobile app developers.   Mobile development and marketing are only two components of the much broader matter of Doing Business.

These articles might prompt you to consider connecting with others for the knowledge, skills and experience they can provide you – to make your apps more competitive, address pay wall issues, or begin acquiring some operating capital for marketing/advertising and further development.

Mobile is still new enough that there are a lot of business savvy people out there who might actively use mobile devices and apps, but don’t know how or where they could possibly fit in.  Doing business in mobile is not all that different from any other kind of business.  There are some differences, but many of them apply to making Mobile much easier than both brick and mortar, as well as conventional internet related businesses.  However, that ease – that low barrier to entry gives rise to a much greater level of competition, same problem if of a different magnitude.

Fundamentally, almost every problem we encounter has been encountered by someone else before.  More often than not, those problems have reliable solutions.  Consequently, it is of great potential value to get people with different interests, skills, experience and perspective to begin connecting and talking with one another!

Let us know what you think of the first three articles in the series, in the comments below or on LinkedIn!

These are part of a series of articles to introduce people not involved with mobile apps  The “best of” articles posted on LinkedIn will be curated and integrated into the OMS Guide.

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