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Alfred Winston from provided permission to post their infographic – 10 Step Checklist to Build and Market a Successful App.  You can get your own embedding code by accessing the DCI Blog.

So, let’s take a look —

10 Step Checklist to build and market successful app
Dot Com Infoway – Mobile Apps Marketing Agency

In my estimation this covers virtually everything, it is an excellent, informative – process oriented sequence that you can start setting your Gantt Charts to now.

The only thing I would add to this infographic comes before Step One (Defining your unique sales proposition, platfrom and strategy).   Simply – it is to not box yourself into one app as your available options.  I addressed this briefly, tangentially, a few months ago.

Don’t limit yourself to one app, one model, one business idea, one prospective investment.  It may be a great idea, but it needs to be compared to something else.  This can lead to looking at the same idea for an app in several different contexts — your idea for an app might be better presented as a full-fledged business, a subscription service, etc.

When you really like the idea of investing into gold, there are not too many who would say that’s a terrible idea.   But you also have the option of investing in silver or platinum, real estate, stocks, bonds, futures, a new business, etc.  The idea is to get the most out of your next investment.

But, once you have determined that you are going to produce an app – DCI’s infographic is your road map.

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