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This is for aspiring mobile app development teams who know they have a good product but may be lacking the finances or marketing team to get it out there.   You have the product, you don’t have the sales. How do you remedy that? By bringing on sales and marketing people. As you don’t have the sales, you can’t afford that. This is a classical West Virginian, “If we had some ham, we could have some ham and eggs, if we had some eggs.” Well, I’m here to tell you that you have the ham!

There are three options when it comes to life and money.

  1. You can make money – having a job or successful business.
  2. You can make no money – unemployment.
  3. You can pay to make no money – having an unsuccessful business.

Risk and reward go hand in hand, but for many small business owners, they go through periods of making no money or even losing money before their business starts getting out of the red. Having your own business is not easy, but if that is your aim, in the vast majority of cases, you need to look beyond what you do or find someone else who can.

There are a lot of sales jobs “out there” that are based on commission sales only. The sales people don’t make any money unless they sell. For some, unemployment is the other option. Perhaps simplistic, but we can boil everything down to “having something sell” and “not having something to sell.” As I’ve gotten off the beaten path many times, I’ve seen markets where an old lady sitting on a box selling a “fish head” and a jar of radishes. She’s trying – someone will buy them, because someone bought them before.

If you have a product, you need to find people who don’t have a product and work out a suitable arrangement with them to help you in the sales and marketing of what you have. You will want to provide them an orientation to what you do, your product, your market, and have some marketing and sales training resources to get them started. Marketing and sales training materials are readily available across the web, even if they just start with Wikipedia.

The core point is that to get your business off the ground requires more than an investment in money, but an investment of time in people. I constantly see statistics that indicate that most developers are not breaking even while at the same time they spend little or no time or money in marketing efforts.

One other very important component that goes hand in hand with this is to examine your own business model and detail everything that you and your apps are capable of doing. Where are your possible revenue streams? Direct premium app sales? Freemium in app purchases? Free app advertising? Any Business to Business options? Newsletter? Web Site? Press Releases? Local Media contacts?

In your earliest stages of developing your sales and marketing, if you are not making money you can afford to give a salesperson a 30% commission on all sales. Later, you might break commissions down on a per channel basis – who manages the account on Opera Mobile Store, who manages the Google Play, who manages secondary product sales via newsletters, etc.

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