The Benefits of Blogging

Much of this blog is devoted to helping mobile app developers, but blogging itself can be very useful to anyone – app developer, entrepreneur, college student – even you. Blogging is something that anyone can do and starts with using fairly basic skills sets.

The two most important components of a blog involve your reasons for blogging and a long-term commitment to it. Of these, it is usually the “long-term commitment” that factors most importantly. Otherwise, as long as you have an internet-capable device, access to a publishing platform and the ability to inform or entertain your audience, you can blog.

Long-term commitment is likely to be the result of your reasons to blog. Data suggests  that 60-80% of blogs are “discontinued” within a month of being started.

Why? My assertion would be that blogs are often started in the belief they will yield some fast results. Blogs are 99.99% likely to NOT generate fast results for anyone. The strengths of Blogging reside in Process.

Simply put, if you are looking for fast results, you are better off not starting a blog. If, however, your interests involve matters of Process, then blogging can be an extremely valuable tool.


Looking at where you are now, what is something you wish you would have started five years ago that would be useful for you today? Let’s say you wanted to get a college degree while having a full-time job and perhaps a family. Between evening and online courses, you could have had that degree.

Where do you want to be in five years? What will get you there? The longer you delay starting on it, the longer that “five years” is going to be.

The Process itself cultivates commitment and discipline which will make you far more productive and generally more successful than being undisciplined and uncommitted. While it might be said that this can involve doing things simply for the sake of doing them, you are developing your capacity to focus on what needs to be done relative to the long-term.

Results Associated with the Process of Blogging:

• Increase your knowledge and understanding of anything
• Increase your ability to get a job
• Develop a level of authority on an industry/niche
• Expand the quantity of your social and professional contacts
• Increase the quality of your social and professional relationships
• Pick up lots of tips and tricks to grow your blog that apply directly to growing your business
• Ability to re-publish anything you’ve written for different purposes

Professional Skill Sets Gained Along the Way

Inherent to blogging is the development of your ability to produce content of value to your audience, cultivating a better understanding of your audience, a bit advertising and marketing, some search engine optimization, expanded graphical capabilities, increased understanding of metrics and statistics, developing presentations and publishing – in general. Added to these you may end up producing newsletters, running membership sites, producing e-books sometimes hard copy books, advertising sales, potentially even web site development.

It can also open the door to multi-media development, video production, podcasts, traditional news reporting, participation in government and business forums, involvement with think-tanks, and more.
These do not come all at once, but little by little over a few years. It ultimately provides you with far more marketable job skills, job and business options than sticking just to app development or any other distinct job title.

To Learn for the Sake of Learning

Everyone starts somewhere. Experts started out knowing nothing at some point. When it comes down to a good reason to do a blog – Learning is as good as any. It is something that you will be able to do for as long as you live. The only thing you need to be able to do “to learn” is to be able to ask a question – and have the desire to research the answer.

A lot of tech people fixate too heavily on “tech stuff” – to where they may know everything there is to know about a program language or development platform. And? If they really knew everything about their “tech stuff” they would also know how to monetize it – to make money from what they do and so much of it that they would be “rich”.

I won’t say that blogging will make you rich, but the process associated with it will help open the door to where you want to be in five years. The first twenty years of my career were focused on matters of Logistics and Operations. While good in both, the capacity to write about my work is the one thing that advanced my career and other interests more than anything else. We all have different strengths and advance in our own unique ways, suffice that cultivating your ability to write helps to magnify what you know, provide insight others who need it, and broaden your skill sets.


Format is the least important component of writing. You can adapt most of the elements of blogging to web sites, newsletters, periodicals, to LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Twitter is far more limited, obviously, owing to a 140 character public post limit.   See 51 of the best blogging and publishing platforms  for a good list of some of your options for getting started.

The tech world has a way of coming up with new words for a lot of old ideas.  The whole notion of crowdfunding, for example, has roots in traditional fundraising, pre-order sales marketing and old school methods of finding investors.  Similarly there are different types of blogs, but they are all online adaptations of “pre-internet” methods.  They do change and evolve, but just because the name may change does not mean all of the “processes” change with it.  Some do, but most remain the same.

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