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[Editor’s Note – This is a guest article by Mark Feldman, Chief Technical Officer at Findmyshift, an employee scheduling service for managers, founders, and owners. He blogs about SaaS marketing, productivity, and management. Find Findmyshift on Twitter, or try out their Excel scheduling template for free.]


Most businesses and marketers setup Twitter accounts, gain a few followers, and do nothing else. At the other end of the spectrum, some people spend hours each day managing their Twitter accounts in order to maximize their effectiveness.

While you definitely can’t afford to let your Twitter account wither away and die, you certainly don’t want to spend the better part of each day tweeting, retweeting, and attracting followers. Luckily, with a little automation, you can have a thriving Twitter following and maximize your lead generation and monetization efforts.

Twitter is an amazing place ripe with opportunities for modern businesses and marketers, so let’s take a look at how you can maximize your Twitter efficiency without being glued to your Twitter feed every minute of every day!

Take Advantage of Twitter Automation Tools

Both businesses and individuals can achieve amazing success with Twitter if they’re able to understand the network and how to effectively manage their accounts. Unfortunately, in order to do so, most people find themselves dedicating endless man hours at the expense of other areas of their business.

Recognizing this, companies have created some incredibly helpful automation tools designed to take stress and time out of the Twitter equation. There are many helpful Twitter management tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and TweetDeck that have varying benefits and capabilities, but here’s a look at what some of these tools can do:

  • Automatically reach thousands of prospective customers and highly targeted followers
  • Use robust automated following engines that allow you to build your Twitter following at a lightning-fast pace
  • Schedule and automate your tweets
  • Track your Twitter keywords and provide you with a keyword archive
  • Save you time by completely automating the follow and unfollow processes
  • Keep your account from being banned due to exceeding Twitter’s follow limits
  • Monitor your competitors, and much more

As you can clearly see, third-party Twitter automation tools can be extremely helpful for anyone looking to maximize their Twitter effectiveness and efficiency. After all, what’s not to like about tools that can help you automate and manage important daily Twitter activities?

However, you need to exercise caution when using these automation tools, because it’s far too easy to let them run unchecked and potentially tarnish your brand or have your account suspended as a result.

Recycle Your Posts

As touched upon above, one of the major challenges of effective Twitter marketing is supplying your following with a consistent stream of content, even with automation tools. Therefore, you may want to consider recycling your posts by making simple little changes to each one.

I know what you’re thinking: “Wouldn’t that lower my follower engagement?” Believe it or not, when done right, the engagement of your followers will likely be the same with recycled posts as brand new posts.

However, reposting the same tweets over and over throughout the day can be quite messy and time-consuming. To remedy this, you can create a content library with various tweet variations to save valuable time (see more about a Twitter archive here). You can even take it one step further by including these tweet variations in a spreadsheet and uploading them to your Twitter tool of choice, making your Twitter content curation as hands off as possible.

Tip: When recycling tweets, it’s important for businesses and individuals to use “Evergreen” content, rather than temporal content or content revolving around current events. This allows the content to be naturally reused over and over again.

What Shouldn’t Be Automated

Although a number of your Twitter management functions can be automated, there are certain functions that shouldn’t be automated, including:

  • Unfiltered RSS feeds
  • Direct messaging
  • Blind retweeting without solid filters

Bottom Line

Your time is too precious to spend performing endless Twitter tasks that can be automated and allow your Twitter presence to run efficiently. By implementing these automation strategies, you’ll be able to cut your Twitter management time from five hours per account per day to less than 30 minutes for multiple accounts. Talk about maximizing your Twitter efficiency!