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Many Opera Mobile Store developers have been preselected by our partner Nokia for a free distribution opportunity of their apps on the Nokia Store, promoted to all new Nokia X #Android phones.

If you are an Opera Mobile Store developer and wish to have your apps distributed by Nokia to their massive international user-base, please follow the link, enter your Email, claim your apps and consent to being contacted by Nokia:

Distribute apps with the Nokia App Store

Distribute apps with the Nokia App Store

There are a lot of good reasons to publish your existing Android apps for Nokia, here are our top 5:

Top 5 reasons to publish to Nokia X

  1. New markets
  2. Additional revenue
  3. App compatibility
  4. Existing tools
  5. App promotion

Android application developers should welcome Nokia X, both as an additional channel to market and as a new revenue opportunity.Tony Cripps, Principal Analyst, Telecoms’ Devices & Platforms group, Ovum

1. Nokia X opens new markets to your existing apps.

Nokia’s sales leadership and brand strength in the fastest-growing smartphone and mobile app markets provide the launch pad for your apps’ success. With Nokia X, you can reach an untapped pool of savvy — and app-hungry — new smartphone users around the world.

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2. Nokia X’s monetization tools create additional revenue streams for your apps

Monetization tools like Nokia In-App Payment, combined with Nokia’s extensive operator billing network, provide your existing apps with new monetization mechanisms in emerging markets. Consumers in many high-growth markets do not have international credit cards, making traditional revenue collection a challenge.

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3. Android app compatibility

Nokia has tested over 100,000 Android apps and approximately 75% are directly compatible and ready to be published to Nokia Store. If your app uses Google services for maps, push notifications or in-app payments, you will need to replace these APIs with Nokia-specific APIs, which have been built to work almost identically to those they replace. Nokia services have been designed to minimize porting effort for apps using corresponding Google services, and to allow developers develop and distribute a single APK targeting both ecosystems.

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4. Develop apps for Nokia X using your existing Android SDK, toolkit and skillset

If you already develop Android apps, you can continue to use your existing tool chain. If your app is one of the 25% that requires change, Nokia provides a plugin package for the Android SDK, including the services APIs and the Nokia X emulator. You’ve already got the other tools and skills you need.

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5. Nokia Developer programs provide the marketing promotion you need

Through programs like DVLUP and local outreach, Nokia offers you opportunities to promote your apps to new users and potential customers, while our online training, events, and support tools make sure you’re putting your best app forward.

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Announcement –  a new Opera Mediaworks!    AdMarvel, Mobile Theory, 4th Screen Advertising, Ltd., Opera Response, Opera Mobile Store (Handster) and Hunt Mobile Ads are now a unified end-to-end platform aligned as Opera Mediaworks.

What does that mean?  Previously, each of these six business units were substantial contenders in the global mobile advertising market  in their own right.  Each of these businesses were acquired by Opera over the past few years and largely (but not entirely) functioned as they did before.   Now they have the Power of One:

  • The industry’s leading mobile ad server and rich media tools.
  • The world’s largest brand-focused mobile ad network: in the US, UK and now Latin America.
  • A powerhouse response mobile ad network for direct response.
  • Exclusive publisher-direct relationships
  • 65 billion ad impressions per month
  • 500 million monthly unique consumers
  • More than 14,000 mobile sites and apps

Opera Mediaworks now powers 17 of the top 25 media companies in the world, and serves the world’s largest advertisers including Coca-Cola, Unilever, Kraft, and Chase.

You will find this article on VentureBeat even more enlightening.  Essentially, CEO Mahi de Silva’s note captures enormous meaning, succinctly, “We’ve built an end-to-end platform to improve efficiency … including unifying the salesforce so one salesperson can can deliver the entire value proposition.”

The entire value proposition – what is that?   That is Opera Mediaworks and its technology enabling advertisers, agencies, ad networks, DSPs (demand-side platforms), rich-media and video providers, SSPs (supply-side platforms) and publishers to target customers by:

  1. geographic location
  2. phone
  3. OS
  4. browser
  5. day-part
  6. mobile carrier
  7. cellular/wi-fi
  8. keywords
  9. demographics
  10. contextual
  11. behavioral and psychographic
  12. Twitter usage
  13. the weather

Where Mobile Advertising is concerned, Opera Mediaworks has achieved a sort of “Singularity” – in an ironically Ray Kurzweilian sort of way.    I’m not referring to singularity in an artificial intelligence context, but in the context of delivering highly targeted content of virtually any type to anyone, anywhere through one platform coupled with such a massive feedback loop.

Combine this with Nokia pre-installing Opera Mini on its Nokia X mobile devices to reach new people in new markets.  We really have a lot to think about moving forward.


Every year we select The Opera Top Apps Awards winners from 210,000 applications available on the Opera Mobile Store. We chose only top-downloaded apps in 2013.

App Developers are free to use the Award Logo in the program description, on website or in any other online or printed media.

Our best congratulations to our Winners in each category!

Android apps

Java apps

BlackBerry apps

Opera Mobile Store Top Apps Awards 2013 category winner


  • FreeBooks by The Mobile Content Distribution Company Limited

Symbian apps

To this point, the OMS Blog has focused on providing actionable marketing and design information, guidance and suggestions for mobile app developers.  In looking around, we’ve delineated more methods of monetizing mobile apps than any other site.  As recent posts suggest, we are adding some additional topics for 2014.  Here’s what is in store… (pun intended):

Mobile App Reviews:   We’ll be running three different types of mobile app reviews.

First, we’ll be cross-posting one or two of our Facebook app promotions to the blog per week.

Second, basic reviews – first impressions from our the Opera Mobile Store Team to answer one basic question, “Do we like it?”  I won’t make any guarantee that we will review every app submitted, because… well, that would be opening the door to a few hundred thousand reviews.  If you would like your app reviewed, your app must be available in the Opera Mobile Store.   If your app is not there now – take 5 minutes and submit it, FREE.  If your app is on the store, and you want our HONEST opinion, write us – tell us your name, the name of your app, your web site and any details you would like to point out.   If your app is selected for a review, we will let you know via email.   I will respond to all emails that we have received your request for review.

Third, guest submitted play tests and after action reports.  Same qualifications as above – this is a way of providing a walkthrough of your app.  Please make arrangements with us in advance.

The reviews will be of more interest to end users in most cases, suffice that all three of these types of reviews serve as good exposure and free marketing of your mobile app.  With this, we will be adding more app-focused end-user content, too.

Mobile Friendly Web Site Development:   This is not exactly a core theme for Opera Mobile Store.  Estimates of mobile-optimized sites run at roughly 10-12% and mobile-friendly sites perhaps another 20-25%.   Covering some tools, techniques and resources to help developers, end-users and businesses to better serve the mobile world is good for everyone.  Many small business owners apply to the “Do It Yourself” school of web site development, so from time to time, we’ll spend some time on the HTML side of the mobile world.

More Networking:   As so many blogs come and go, the first effort with the OMS blog was to show that it is a serious effort, offer quality content, on a regular schedule.  Regular guests of OMS blog know now that barring truly exceptional circumstances, we publish three times a week – almost always on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  That means we have a near constant demand for content.  If you have an app available in the Opera Mobile Store, you are welcome to submit guest articles — and with some advanced planning, we are quite happy to provide guest articles for your site, too.

There’s bound to be more, but this much can be related now.  We’re pending completion of our first interview in the very near future.   Some enhancements within OMS are also underway that will also get coverage and possibly present some “volunteer” opportunities.


On behalf of Opera Mobile Store, I would like to congratulate the three winners in the random drawing for developers adding their first mobile app to the Opera Mobile Store.  We used to draw the winners after weeding out ineligible entries (no app uploaded, incomplete information, not within the designated list of countries).

Each of the winners has been contacted by email.  Upon completing and returning their prize claim forms, will have $3,000 worth of Opera Mobile Store advertising available to them.

Here’s the screenshot – and below, the Winners, Links to their Apps and descriptions.


 #1. Cling Studios from India – Scifi Calculator 1.0

This is a scientific calculator app .Basically this app is made keeping Technical students in mind and it also has most number of available mathematical functions in the market . It is very user friendly and has simple functionality . It has two new unique functions introduced which calculate POLAR & RECTANGULAR cordinates and DEFINITE INTEGRALS. It has a HISTORY function to show all your previous calculations and a HELP option to guide you through any difficulty in using the functions. On clicking the SHIFT key the below two rows are changed into new math functions .

#2. LiperIM from Russia – Classic A Drum Kit 1.3.0

With “Classic A Drum Kit” you have a unique opportunity to try yourself as a professional drummer. Complete professional drum kit set in your pocket. Do you want to entertain yourself and your friends? Do you want to develop a sense of rhythm? Do you want to accompany your idols to your favorite music? Now it’s all possible with “Classic A Drum Kit”, because “Classic A Drum Kit” is a Crystal-clear sound of modern studio drum kit (all the drums recorded in stereo) with 16-bit uncompressed drum samples and many more features.

#3.  SoftArtStudio from Russia – Music Liker Free 1.0

Music Liker Free will make your Android or tablet is a handy tool for creating your own music collections. Say no to bad music! Create your own, exclusive collections, which are just like you! Music Liker will help you with that!  Key features: Make Up music collections; Play the Music Folder; Convenience functions for listening and evaluation of the composition; Quickly switch between collections;  Built-in browser for navigating folders;  The free version has some limitations.

Congratulations Guys!!!