Act Fast – Special Holiday Network Event

Why would your app make a great Christmas Present?

We’ve been busy getting everything into place for the Opera Mobile Store 2014 Mobile App Awards which we are expecting to announce in mid-January. Right now though, we’re looking to do a special Christmas presentation – to recommend 5 or 10 mobile apps that would make a great Christmas present.

Let’s make this a little different. How about we ask you – yes, you – the mobile app developer, why your app would make a great present for the holidays?

Granted, right now giving apps as gifts is not mainstream, yet. Still, people buy mobile devices over the holiday season. Parents might download apps for their children. Some will be buying new devices for themselves. Others will be looking for cool things to download after they open their gifts to find a shiny new Nokia X or Google Nexus 6. Children will be asking for their parents to buy stuff, too. Wrapped or not, this is the season for giving and one can bet that there will be a lot of apps being downloaded.

So, head over to our Facebook page and you will see the most recent post (for December 16) asking you to tell us about your app and why you think it would make a great “gift” – in 50 words or less.   Keep it short.

This gets you some free exposure right away. Then, if your reason is compelling, your app will also get featured on our blog – before Christmas.

We will do something like this for New Years, too, but first things first.

  1. Head over to Opera Mobile Store on Facebook
  2. Tell everyone why your app would make a great present.
  3. If you make the cut, we will message you back through Facebook.

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