OMS Blog Mission

Shaping an open, connected world.  Only about 2.4 billion of the planet’s 7 billion people have Internet access.  Opera is participating in the initiative spearheaded by Facebook, to bring internet service to nearly 5 billion more people.  Opera Mobile Store (OMS) has a role to play within this larger effort.

This role includes making useful applications available to our audience of 350 million users and new mobile users of the future.   As a store and advertising network, our role is to also help developers around the world better engage all markets.

You have a role, too – if you choose.  As a developer of mobile apps, there are countless opportunities for you to help shape the world.  It may be through apps for entertainment, for business, travel or something completely different.   We aim to provide insight to help you may make more successful apps and shed light on the dynamics of regional markets.  On the Opera Mobile Store blog, you will also find best practices, innovative tools and techniques for improving performance on all metrics.

Ours is not a one way dialogue – we welcome your participation:

*  Have ideas to help others?  We welcome your guest articles – full credits and backlinks!
*  Going to a conference?  Let’s meet!   See our schedule.
*  Volunteer for events, sometimes we offer some cool prizes and stuff – stay tuned for event announcements!
*  Meet our team and connect with them on LinkedIn.
* Advertise with Opera Mobile Store.

There’s more to come.  We look forward to hearing from you and exploring the mobile future!

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