More than 10 ways to spice-up your emails

A lot of email gets trashed before it is opened.  More email gets trashed within a mere second or two.  Yet, there are some emails that never get deleted because they are valuable to the recipient.  Eleven of the following 13 email elements stand to make your email more than just another piece of thinly coated spam.

Emails are one of the best ways you have to communicate with your customers.   Just because you may want to do a standard mailing does not mean you cannot implement “newsletter’ish” components to spice them up.  The core interest is developing engagement with your customers.  If you can get them to link to any of the following, you have the ability to reinforce any additional messages you might like.

Without further adieu…

1. Fan Site Section – reference interesting updates from a few of your fan sites. Each only needs a short sentence capturing the gist of what their latest post is about. You develop a stronger relationship with your bloggers while helping build the community around your app.

2. YouTube Walkthroughs – this can be your own or one of your fans. With games, this can help end-users get through a particularly difficult puzzle, illustrate the dynamics in fighting a major boss, or illustrate the benefits of a particular build.

3. Live Events – let players know when you will be having real-time conferences so you can take their questions, get their feedback, release new game information, discuss new devices or just talk about special features of your app similar to a walkthrough.

4. Bonuses – good if you have a web-driven application where you can modify content and settings on the fly. Let players know about events when they can get extra rewards, extra experience, or participate in seasonal activities.

5. Holiday Gifts – this is a good one if you are able to send in app prizes to specific end-users or enable them via in app messages. You can use a loss-leader strategy to give away free “in app currency” to sway users to perhaps add some of their own real money to get that “next upgrade”.

6. Easter Egg Hunts – another activity that probably requires you to be able to push content to your end users. This makes a mini-game out of player’s seeking even more bonuses and holiday gifts. This can be a matter of how many “fluffy bunny bits” they can find in two minutes or turning them in from wide-ranging exploration of different areas in your app.

7. Coupons and Discount Codes – This is a really good option if you have a geographically focused audience or are able to develop a relationship with a business with broad-based national or international reach. This is a B2B networking opportunity where you might be able to get a lump sum payment for including a promotion in your email. This requires some business networking savvy, but can work very well with an ongoing sponsor.

8. Reviews, Reviews and More Reviews! Links to mobile friendly Product, Web-Site, Service, or Book Movie Reviews with themes related to your app that you know your customers have a very good chance of being interested in. This is even better if you can arrange some form of reciprocity – possible commissions or reviews in-kind. It’s even better if you have a forum on your web site where you can discuss them with your customers.

9.  Interviews!  Links to web pages featuring interviews with your company president (or you), your CIO, CMO, CTO, Vice-Presidents, Lead Developers or others whom your customers may have an interest.

10. New App Promotions – This one goes for granted, let your existing end users know of any new apps you are about to release, what their status is, anticipated release date, beta test opportunities, first public viewing venues, etc.

11. Special Offers – Another regular feature that you should try to include in every mailing, that you should try to mix up in each mailing. Offers can include discounts on in app currency or gear, or discounts on special services with utilities and discounted upgrade options. More than this, you can work out commission-based referral agreements with other developers and businesses on products or services likely to be interested to your end users. Simply put, just because you may not have a product to sell does not mean you do not have a product to sell… someone else does!

12. Beta Tester Invitations – Start cultivating a beta test team for your next app now.

13.  Follow us on… – Always include links to where your customers can follow you on different venues like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, GooglePlus, etc.


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