Finding the 1% that is responsible for 50+% of your revenue

What’s the most important part of your app to optimize for revenue? If you said, “Mark, it’s not my app, it’s my product page that is most important to optimize!” Then, you would be right! While “everything else” is important, your product page is your “packaging”.  This is what people see before people go to eat your app.

Yes, eat it, in allegorical fashion – as if the customer was in a pastry store.  When a customer does see your product, you want to make a favorable impression. It is up to you to deliver it to them.

  • Almost everything about your app is relevant only after someone downloads it.
  • It is everything you do before people see your app that generates your revenue.

Your app product page is the #1 easiest thing that you can improve upon to have the #1 impact on your revenue. It’s probably the smallest line item in the entirety of your whole app development cycle. It correlates directly to the third application of Pareto’s Principle where (loosely) 1% of your work is likely to be responsible for 50% of your revenue.

That may be hard to believe until you look at the numbers and logically think it through. It applies to just about anything that is sold (or distributed for free) online.

Advertising scales relative to your budget. Marketing scales relative to your time and effort, with a rare and incalculable viral element. If you are not engaging in either, you are effectively left with organic traffic. The figures used below, (10k, 1k and 100) are simplistic approximations of the direct impact of these three sources of traffic where download rate is the only variable.

description(AC + M + O) * D * R * U = $1 LV

  • Ad Clickthroughs – Scales to your budget.
  • Marketing – Marketing scales to your time and effort, with an incalculable viral component.
  • Organic – People who almost randomly stumble across your app’s product page.
  • Downloads – Number of people who see your app who download it.
  • Registration – Percentage of users who you
  • Use – % of users who satisfy your advertising or in-app purchase goals.
  • $1.00 Lifetime Value – Plug in your numbers on a straight percentage basis.

This chart shows how everything else can remain constant, but by just improving your download rate can radically influence your revenue. That’s the core objective of your product page. While you can also (and should be) trying to optimize all of your other efforts, so much depends upon this single, small component that it is frequently overlooked and sometimes dismissed outright.

There are many businesses that overlook their content and focus, usually, just on advertising.   In many cases, they are doing well enough even when their content is distinctly subpar.  When they did start working on their content, they were quickly able to realize at least a 2-3x improvement in sales, and with effort, 4x and better.

Over the next few articles, we’ll explore in depth what you can do to optimize your app’s product page.

For now though, I am looking for volunteers for a “Supreme App Description Makeover.”  Find more details in my post on LinkedIn.  Note you already read this article, so you don’t need to follow that link, you only need volunteer!

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